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Author Topic: I dunno what to buy, can someone tell me please!?!  (Read 412 times)


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I dunno what to buy, can someone tell me please!?!
« on: April 10, 2022, 09:59:13 am »
Dear Anyone.

I'm a disabled guy with a 32-bit notation DAW which I use cos the only 64-bit equivalent I've seen is Dorico, which costs 500 (owch!!!)  Mine never got updated and I'm beginning to think I'm flat too stoopid to understand these 64-bit total nightmares! Believe me I have tried and spent weeks not writing a note cos I'm just fighting the system! Anyway.

I'm after Worship Pad/New Age Pad presets like HERE.... (if anyone says 'but these don't count as pads technically....' I just mean the sounds, not the lead sounds, all the lovely backing sounds....)

Any/all of those kinda sounds would be awesome, I've no idea where they get them from, they won't tell me (I've asked!) but hopefully you guys'll know.  I understand ADSR and Reverb, EQ, effects in general, but I can't find any sounds of that quality as presets on anything (Not HG Fortune, his sounds are outer-space shiverers!) 

Or sounds like this....

I know this is one 8 minute drone - I want versions that are presets on SOMETHING so I can play chords/tunes using them.  Thing is, dunno what. 

Multitimbral would be nice so I don't have to have loads of unnecessary sounds clogging up memory, but I'd take anything.  And to finish with - a dumbass question on that subject.

Say you've got a monotimbral synth. that's got 200 patches (for argument's sake, making that number up!)  And you want 5 sounds from it.  So because it's monotimbral you have to load up 5 instances of it.  Does that mean you're loading up all 200 patches 5 times, so you've got A THOUSAND PATCHES filling up computer memory, just so you can use 5 of them? 

Yours respectfully



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Re: I dunno what to buy, can someone tell me please!?!
« Reply #1 on: April 12, 2022, 07:50:57 pm »

64 bit computing has been around for consumers for 15 years.

A main reason to use 64-bit music applications is you can access much much much more RAM/ memory than the 4 GB 32-bit is limited to use. 64-bit have some advantages.
The fact is commercial manufactors of music plugins allready only create 64 bits plugins, or they are about to do so. I don't know, if any DAW or other host is made as 32 bit anymore.
Creating a music production system for 32-bit today would be foolish. Those who have 32-bit plugins they still for some reason would like to use can find a way to do so.
You don't have to go further into it.

Very few plugins have preset embedded. Normally the presets is files outside the applications. They are not loaded with the plugin, but perhaps a database file is loaded into memory.

There are multitimbral plugins. But if all the sounds from the plugion only use one CPU core, then you can have a huge performance problem for your system. So that's something to look out for. How it work can also depend on the DAW/ host you use.
It's fine to use multiple instances of a plugin. Some DAWs offer it's own solution to create multi instruments using instances of different plugins, if you need or want to use that.
It's also possible to play/ record multiple plugins/ tracks at the same time.
Different plugins use more or less CPU power. That also depend on the sound and notes you use.
It's important you have enough CPU power as well as RAM for your needs.

The sounds you look for can sometimes be made of different instrument layers, as well of a single preset. And it can be multiple sounds playing it's own thing.
Keep in mind, that you might also hear hardware synth sounds in that music.
I can suggest you download different synths and run them in demo mode. In Arturias case it's the same applications you run in demo mode as when you buy them. Other manufactors might do the same or create demo versions.
What's useful for you is really a personal matter.

You might have to create sounds yourself. Some synth can be easier to use than others. That can also be a personal thing.

Perhaps you can use free applications. Things cost what they cost. Things take the time it takes to learn.

I can't and will not tell you what to buy. I think, it's mostly about, what you will like to use.

I hope you will find a way that work for you.

Best regards


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Re: I dunno what to buy, can someone tell me please!?!
« Reply #2 on: June 15, 2022, 04:57:25 pm »
LBH; thanks for straightening me out on the 32 vs 64 bit thing

As for pads, the secreit is two things, the right attack and release; different variations of slow anywhere fro 3 to 20 seconds in most cases, and THICKNESS. This last is done with chorus-like modulation. 30+ years ago, with a single oscillator polyphonic instrument called the Moog Opus 3 which I still have I did this by running and Electro-Harmonix Bad Stone phaser, EH Clone Theory chorus and DOD 600 flanger in parllel with each having different settings for rate and comparable settings for depth and a controllable wet/dry ratio. The result was the effect of 3 or 4 oscillators

Some superfine pads can be generated by the Arturia Augmented instruments, which are just about made for that. The Arturia MiniMoog has three oscillatos that can be slightly detuned which is what chorusing is AND it can be made polyphonic. The SQ-80 V also has 3 oscillators with a bazillion  waveforms and an analog modelled filter (also a big help becuase the right cutoff frequency and resonance generates thickness). If you have, can set up the right patches and want to use hardware synths which you can sample. The Arturia Emulator II sample player is for you. It had 32  note polyphony (If I read the manual rightly and holds 8 samples that you can use and layer in several ways relative to the keyboard, which gives me a good kind of headache just thinking about. If you want to get brave, Arturia also has the CMI Fairlight and a version of the Synclavier designed for them by one of the inventors, each of which was the source of many an '80's droolfest. Also Arturia instruments come with effects which did not exist at the time of their hardware models. So, for generating just about any kind of pad you want you can get it here


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