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Author Topic: Logic pro/Drum Machine Designer/Keylab MkII (faders and knobs)  (Read 133 times)


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Hello everybody!

I've been working a lot lately with the arturia Mk II in the Logic pro environment (it's the environment I use every day) and as expected new questions always arise.

I was testing the DMD (drum machine designer) with the keylab (pads) and everything was fine until I wondered how it would be possible to determine the use of knobs and faders in this interface (dmd). I mean that the DMD brings with it each pad a control panel with different knobs for each pad  depending of the sound you choose (pitch, high cut, delay, volume, etc...)

In the first instance I was able to assign faders and knobs to each of these tasks but when I change the pad on the DMD (for example from a snare to a kick) they stop working on the selected pad.

I managed to configure it so that I can use it on all the pads but the problem is that it does it in a general way, let me explain:

If I raise the pitch in the kick, it also does so in the rest of the pads and not independently.

I would like to take real advantage of the knobs and faders that the MkII brings with it.
I see that there are no problems when using these with synths, for example.

Are there more automated methods?

Does anyone know of a drum machine plugin that might work the way I explained?

or, does anyone know of a method to solve this with the current Logic pro DMD?

*all the assignments and configurations have been carried out through the Logic pro control surface.

Have a great day  ;)


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