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Author Topic: Logic Pro X, (M1 Mac), How to get Transport Controls working (and more!)  (Read 750 times)


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Hello peeps.

Do you have a Mac?  Is it using an M1 chip.  Are you using Logic Pro.  Do you want to be able get Transport Controls working?  Then please read on;

I so wanted to get transport controls working on the MiniLab.  I did lots of searches, and nothing popped up.  Now, this is an old controller, and this issue will be fixed no doubt in the Mk3 (Which will be compatible with M1/M2 chips in the new Macs), so I'm not pointing any fingers here.  I was absolutely gutted.  It wasn't a deal breaker, as I do have a quality full sized midi keyboard, and my MiniLab was going to be used right next to my laptop when I'm out and about.  But, I managed to get it working. 

So, if anyone is wondering how, bear in mind it's probably not the best way, but it does work, and so if anyone else is doing a Google search, I hope this helps.

1. Load up both Midi Control Centre and Logic Pro
2. Select one of your memory slots on the Midi Control Centre.
3. Click one of your pads (pad 7 for example) whilst in the Midi Control Centre.
4. Change 'mode' to Switched Control
5. Set the 'colour' of the pad (I chose Red)
6. Set the 'option' to gate
7. Leave Channel as is (Mine was on 10)

Now this part is crucial.

8.  Set 'CC number' to any undefined CC number from the dropdown list (I chose 111)
9.  Save to device using Midi Control Centre.

Now head over to Logic Pro and either create new session (doesn't matter what) or use an existing open one

A.  Press the 'record' button with your mouse and do not press any other buttons after it
B.  From the Menu, select "Logic Pro" -> "Control Surfaces" -> "Learn Assignment for [Record]"
C.  Press Pad 7

Congratulations, you've now assigned pad 7 as record. 

Now you can repeat the above process for "PLAY', "REWIND', "LOOP", etc.  Just ensure your CC number isn't being used anywhere else when doing Step 8!

You can choose whatever order you like, whatever colours you like.  I have a full transport control setup on pads 1-8.


To control next/previous patch on pads 15-16

i) Analog Lab -

Previous - (Pad 15)

Mode - Switched
Colour - Purple
Option - Gate
Channel - Keyboard
CC Number - 28 (This is what Arturia uses)

Next - (Pad 16)

Mode Switched
Colour - Purple
Option - Gate
Channel - Keyboard
CC Number - 29 (This is what Arturia uses)

Upload this to the device using Midi Control Centre.

Now, pads 15-16 control the previous/next patch on all Arturia SoftSynth Plugins without the need to completely switch between Analogue Labs and user Memory Locations

WANT TO CREATE PREVIOUS/NEXT Patches for Logics in built patches AND effects?

Do the same as above, but for Pads 9, 10

Same settings, apart from CC Number

CC Number 60

CC Number 61
Upload this to the device

Head over to Logic Pro

From the Menu


In the Search Dialogue Box type in "Next"

You're looking for the shortcut "Previous Patch, Plug in Settings or Sampler"

At the bottom left it says "Learn New Assignment"

Press Pad 9 on the MiniLab. 

Repeat the above for pad 10, CC number 61.

In the Search "Next Patch, Plugin Settings or Sampler"

Bottom Left, "Learn New Assignment"

Press Pad 10 on the MiniLab.

Hey Presto, you can now control the previous next patch in Logics Built in sounds AND all it's effects.

Feel free to customise this as you see fit now you know how.

Hope this helped anyone who has been pulling their hair out!


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