October 18, 2021, 03:56:04 am
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Author Topic: Paraphonic gating option. Ie sending out one single gate to trigger envelopes  (Read 73 times)


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When you route more than one set of cv/gate/velocity to a voice - it would be very useful for the gates sent out to mimic those sent out in a synth that offers paraphony, like Arturia's microfreque and other mono synths.

In my ignorance I tried to just gate my amp envelope and filter envelope using the gate from CV1 on the KSP. This produced strange results of missing notes

I then tried a duo phonic patch and summed the gates using a Make Noise 0 Coast: Still got strange results

I then did a bit of Googling and realised patching a paraphonic patch using Eurorack was not at all straighforward. This is something to do with release gates - which I dot fully understand.

Anyway I am pretty sure it could be implement as an option via a firmware update and would be incredibly useful for people like me with relatively small eurorack set-ups but with serval oscillators  - But not needing a single VCA/Enevlope and filter per voice


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