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Author Topic: Use footswitches on to switch presets up and down in analog lab and v collection  (Read 903 times)

Lupke Brother

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My first question on this forum, so I hope my subject is posted in the right thread.

I have a Keylab 88 MKII. I have a footswitch on the aux 1 pedal and aux 2 pedal inputs. I want to use these footswitches to go up and down in my presets (analog lab V and v collection 8). The buttons and turning wheel on the keylab are fragile and not handy to switch through 10.000 presets all the time I guess :-)

1. Is this possible?
2. What settings do I need to make ( I assume in Midi control center?)

Well, many thankx if anybody knows the answer. Please let me know.



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Does'nt the arrow buttons by the Jogwheel also step through the presets? I believe so.

I don't have a Arturai controller. So i can't tell if any midi CC allready is assigned to the Next and Previous buttons to step through presets. But basicly you shall just assign the current or a free midi CC to your footswtiches - choose the correct behavior for the footswitches in MCC, and assign (midi learn) to those buttons in the V-Collection applications.
Please consult your manuals about midi learn and keep in mind that also MCC have a manual.

FYI: Alternatively you can use the Arrow buttons on your computer keyboard to step through presets.

Lupke Brother

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Thank you LBH,

Yes, the Keylab has two buttons left and right of the jogwheel. But I think these buttons are much to fragile to go up and down through presets again and again. I know I can use the arrow keys on my computer keyboard, but that is very unsatisfying to me. I'll get a trigger finger to do this 100.000 times over and over again :-)

I'm gonna try your midi cc suggestion in MCC. Just downloaded the MCC manual too.

Off course this thread stays open for other suggestions too.


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Hi there

I use a Boss FS-6 pedal directly connected to my Macbook.  The pedal works fine in MainStage to trigger up/down presets!!


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