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Author Topic: MIDI In to BeatStep Pro is Not Responding to External Controller Note Change  (Read 971 times)


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Iíll attach a video link of me explaining and showing the situation and my goal.

But still the key press on my Venom to Transpose the BSP active steps is not reacting to a key note presses and released, It is requiring me to still hold the key on the Venom to get the notes to trigger at that key note. I dont want to have to Hold the key down during live performance. The external Venom keyboard has 1 track set as Channel Global or it can be Ch. 1 , both works to be triggered from the BSP just fine. 

The Venom's Midi Out cable is directly plugged into BSP Midi In with its adapter to the BSP Sequencer 1 Midi In with also Channel 1 and its not sticking or staying on the note key pressed from the Venom keyboard to transpose the Bassline (sequence active steps all set to pitch C0 for the key of this track). 

I have most current firmware on BSP, and likely most current MIDI CC Center software.

**Hereís the Layout:**

BSP midi out Ch 1 to Midi In 1 of Venom keyboard.

I unplugged the Venom Midi out cable directly to the BSP Midi In. Until I figure out why itís not transposing on one key press and staying at the pressed key note released from.

The Midi In 2 of the Yamaha expander is empty because I plug my midi mouse footswitch into that for the Midi Through 5 to the Elektron. 

Its frustrating because I'm in midst of recording a serious catalog track original production and hoping this feature of BSP with transposing is possible but i would rather know sooner than later if the Venom or BSP somehow or cabling is or is not available so I will be able to move productively forward with an alternative to resume recording. :smiley:

Some Arturia users are saying the newest firmware update on the BSP may have caused this for some nuance or aspect of this. Maybe revert back to a factory reset of original default firmware then try, what do you think first?

Note:  **Also I have not tested a new adapter short cable for the midi in of this BSP**, maybe the adapter is faulty or having an issue which I can try (i hope not these cables are fairly new).

Archive firmwares shown here

Arturia Admin Tech or Community Support is appreciated. 


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