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Author Topic: MATRIXBRUTE FIRMWARE UPDATE 2.0.2 Destroyed the apreggio!  (Read 1380 times)


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The Arp mode has either been unresponsive or stops after the nites are played once and then just stops, I have updated fully and without error. This is so damn tiring to have to deal with these stupid issues when you have to spend time creating! It also completely destroyed the ability to follow midi sync in Logic (pattern based) after I have managed to make it work eventually before. Arturia, PLEASE stop rolling out firmware updates before actually thoroughly TESTING IT!   I need to roll back to 2.0 and con not for the life of me figure out how, PLEASE HELP someone!

Thanks Lucian


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Re: MATRIXBRUTE FIRMWARE UPDATE 2.0.2 Destroyed the apreggio!
« Reply #1 on: June 27, 2021, 04:17:48 pm »
Here's the link to v 2.0.0. If I were to downgrade from the latest, I'd go for 2.0.1.

Download the version you want, then select that file when updating.
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Re: MATRIXBRUTE FIRMWARE UPDATE 2.0.2 Destroyed the apreggio!
« Reply #2 on: June 28, 2021, 03:23:47 am »
Hi LucianB,  I was literally just about to load the new firmware and have a go but decided to check the forums a bit first.  Can you describe a bit more in detail how to reproduce the problem(s) you are experiencing after the firmware update? Can you upload a video showing before and after firmware update behavior? I am optimistic Arturia will solve these issues, but lets detail the exact issue so they can narrow it down and solve it.
<UPDATE> I have updated my MxB to 2.0.2 Happy to report the Midi start message is no longer required to use the ARP or Sequencer in Time with Midi Clock input !!! THis is GREAT NEWS!  I also use Logic Pro and have slaved the MxB to Logic, it is following along just fine, in time and respects incoming midi Notes and  CC now I am really curious to get a more clear understanding of how it is behaving for you. Please post either a setp by step to reproduce or a video explaining the issue by example and steps to reproduce. I hope your issue is just a simple setting maybe.
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