June 14, 2021, 07:50:45 am
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Author Topic: Audio Fuse8 pre clipping like nothing on earth  (Read 305 times)


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Audio Fuse8 pre clipping like nothing on earth
« on: May 23, 2021, 11:49:59 am »

Just picked up an arturia audio fuse 8 pre, i've had it for a week or so an still not managed to work this one out. Stressing me... just a little....

Run down of what i'm doing - looking for advice on where it is i'm going wrong.. hopefully. First standalone interface so more than likely a mistake on my half

Monitor is set to 'AUTO' with the 'RED' record button pressed in Ableton. After being recorded into DAW the Waveforms are massive and match the level of what the meters on the DAW are saying.

The issue is, is that the DAW is clipping a hella lot. I guess the interface is as well....? Where I would normally be recording at -12 MAX (old desk) i'm way up at 0db in DAW with interface. This is also with the 20db PAD activated on interface. Gain knobs are pretty much all of the way down as well. Without the PAD it's just horrible digital distortion and i'm wondering where all of my headroom is going? I thought maybe... i'm listening to doubled up of the same signal which would kind of make sense but not really since I never had this issue before.

I'm wondering if anyone has any idea or thought in to this? It's kind of hard, making a nice sound and then closing the filter just a little and everything just distorts in such an un-useable way!

P.s.. I may as well ask while i'm here.. it may be linked or it's just a general routing issue. .. I'm using a 500 series eq and compressor for my synth.. going from the output of the synth into the compressor, then compressor into eq and then EQ into interface... If I switch the bypass knob on the compressor off, I hear absolutely nothing.. the input and output gain have to be pretty much all the way up on the comp for any nice effect which obviously isn't correct... it's quite hard to gauge any differences with the compressor because essentially it's impossible to A/B it..

Anyway - as you can imagine this is extremely annoying. Any troubleshooting areas to look for etc would be good. Even if I eliminate the EQ and compressor from the chain and just go from line output into Line input of interface theres a heap of clipping. Somethings not right. Do you think the interface is faulty??



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Re: Audio Fuse8 pre clipping like nothing on earth
« Reply #1 on: June 08, 2021, 06:33:32 pm »
Apologies if this seems like a dumb suggestion, but you mentioned engaging the PAD. Be sure that the lights on the PAD buttons on the interface are white, and NOT orange. If the pad button is lit up orange, that means that you aren't engaging the 20dB Pad, but rather a 10dB boost That could be causing your input gain to be way higher than you would expect, and if you're dealing with any line-level signals, that 10dB boost could be causing clipping no matter what you do with the gain knob.


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