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Author Topic: Add 1PPQN or RESET clock output option  (Read 881 times)


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Add 1PPQN or RESET clock output option
« on: May 12, 2021, 07:21:26 pm »

I'd like to see these clocking options in the Beatstep Pro:

A) Reset trigger on the start of the bar or pattern
B) 1PPQN trigger


A) Reset trigger on the start of the bar or pattern

This is the simplest option, just send a trigger at the start of the pattern or bar.
Aside from feeding this to reset inputs of other sequencers, this would work well with clock multipliers such as the Doepfer A-160-5 Ratchet Controller, the 4ms Shuffling Clock Multiplier, or similar.

B) 1PPQN trigger

An option to send 1PPQN, ie one trigger per quarter note. This would provide a reliable and immediately useful clock output independent from drum track mutes (which I currently have to use to emulate these triggers, and it's an annoying hack).

Quarter notes also lend themselves much more to clock divisions and multiplications in playable ranges (halving or doubling a clock for musical purposes as opposed to wrangle a high PPQN just to sort of sync up).

None of the existing clocking options allow this without serious hacks (slowing tempo, speeding up patterns, it's all excessively clunky).

In modular, dividing down the clock is easy, but syncing it to the bar requires a reset. So to musically lock other things, I need to sync the "1",
not a (random) sub-division.


Does this make sense?

As it's 2021, having to somehow manually line things up so it sort of works when I hit play is a hard pass for me.

What is everyone else doing to sync up gear with the clock output?


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