July 28, 2021, 02:58:50 am
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Author Topic: Modulation-Only Sequencer  (Read 134 times)


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Modulation-Only Sequencer
« on: June 06, 2021, 03:42:58 am »
One of the things I always loved about the DSI Evolver through the Rev2 synths is the gated sequencer and the options of the sequencer as a modulation source. I knew the PolyBrute wouldn't work the same but I wanted to see how closely I could replicate that workflow and here's a technique I found:

1. Record a C just as a guide
2. Extend it to the end of the sequence so it's just one long C
3. Record your Modulation--maybe something dramatic like synced LFO rate
4. Now delete the C
5. Set the synth in Poly and Single modes
6. Play a chord on the right half--no sequence yet
7. Now play a note in the left half that triggers the sequencer and hold it--et voila! The modulation sequence has begun! And is applied to all voices in the chord!

Some cool things about this method:
You can split the keyboard wherever you want. Since the note doesn't matter and is just triggering the modulation, you can split it at the low C and have the rest of the keyboard available to play.
You can press Hold on the Sequencer and just hit the low C once to keep the modulation going and have both hands free
Or you can bring the modulation sequencer in and out by keeping Hold off and playing that low C when you want--something I don't remember being an option on DSI machines.

What it can't do is replicate the abrupt voltage changes that the Sequential synths can do since modulation is always slewed in the PolyBrute. Hoping for a firmware update that changes that!

Anyone find other noteless sequencer workflows?


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