November 27, 2021, 02:47:22 pm
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Author Topic: User Sample Browser - View Folder Subdirectories, & Sample Preview Request  (Read 543 times)


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EDIT: New to the forum... Decided to frame the thread title in the form of a formal feature request as it probably comes across as a bit of a rant, not my intention at all... I think Pigments sounds incredible and is a great all around synth. Its sample implementation however leaves quite a lot to be desired, and, at least IME is super frustrating as it has a ton of potential, but falls short simply because of some incredibly rudimentary UI/UX issues overlooked.


Please make Pigments' user sample browser more usable. It's indeed one hell of a synthesizer, but its user sample implementation is a bit of a disaster because of some really simple oversights that frankly don't make sense. I honestly feel this was rushed out the door, and ultimately is one of the poorest sample UX implementations I've seen in about a decade.

  • 1: The sample browser cannot see into subfolders: It's 2021, there really is no excuse for this kind of implementation in this day and age. It might be excusable 10 years ago, but even cheap apps from an app store can read sub-directories.

    2: If pigments can't see inside subfolders please notify the user: This is exactly what doesn't make sense, and why it seems like this was just tacked on or shoved out the door without any QC.

    3: Because of points 1 & 2 you just wind up with a long list of folders. Names occasionally/often have no context: Scrolling through a long list isn't fun. When bookmarking sample folders from commercial sample libraries where there were folders inside of folders there can be scenarios where the folder name may not provide any context for the sample content inside. If the user has things somewhat organized into parent folders only a few bookmarks should be necessary in most cases... Is there really any need for a long and clumsy list?

    4. There's no way to preview samples without note playback: Sure, I see the point of this. However if I choose a sample in a different key and the second oscillator has a voice playing, this becomes insanely distracting, and incredibly unhelpful. Add a speaker icon or auto-preview toggle of some kind. At least they can preview the sound on its own to gauge if the sound should generally be the right fit... However when the keys clash it's simply too difficult to tell.

    Arturia simply does not account for the dozens of relevant scenarios of how sample content may be organized. They also don't account for scenarios where re-structuring existing sample folders may break existing projects or even existing instruments. And the fact that you can add a folder but cannot see into it is just plain weird.

    It really shouldn't be this painful to work with your own samples...

    This image pretty much says it all... A section of bookmarks where the categorized folder is above and the actual content exists in a folder with names that have no context. Considering these are from another instrument sample library re-naming them isn't really an option.

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I second this


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