December 07, 2021, 10:36:05 am
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Author Topic: Selecting one patch in Ableton in a user mode preset  (Read 177 times)


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Selecting one patch in Ableton in a user mode preset
« on: June 18, 2021, 05:55:19 pm »
Hi. I'm trying to do something that appears to work in DAW mode in my own custom user mode. For what I'm trying to do I'm not using the Ableton DAW mode because I want to customize some of the MIDI mappings. I've mapped several of the Mk2 select buttons to appropriate track selections in Ableton and click the buttons selects the track. Problem is I can't seem to get the buttons out of using toggle even though the buttons are on option:gate. Here's an example: when I click select button 1 (mk2), track 1 in Ableton is selected, then when I click on mk2 select 2 that button lights up and track 2 (Ableton) is selected. The mk2:select1 stays lit so now both buttons are lit. So now when I click Mk2:select1 to switch back to track 1 the button just un-lights (and I don't think any MIDI signal is sent to Ableton), if I hit Mk1:Select1 again, it lights again and Ableton changes to track1. Now same thing with button 2.. it is still lit.. I click it, light goes off on mk2, nothing happens in Ableton, I have to click it again to get the button to light and for Ableton to switch to track 2.

That was probably too detailed.. bottom line, the buttons continue to act as toggles rather than one-off selects (like it does in DAW:Ableton mode)

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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