May 11, 2021, 12:16:08 am
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Author Topic: Patterns out of sync - not starting together  (Read 105 times)


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Patterns out of sync - not starting together
« on: April 12, 2021, 12:12:35 am »
I'm just posting this because I've made this stupid mistake a couple times and perhaps this will help someone else.  Both times I wanted to pull my hair looking for some setting that I may have inadvertently miss-set.  The problem is bringing in a new pattern and it doesn't wait to sync up with the other tracks.  All of my patterns are 64 steps (4 bars) so they should start at the beginning of the pattern together.  The root cause of this issue is that not all tracks are 64 steps.

If you select a new pattern while playing and it doesn't seem to wait for the right moment to come in, it could be because one measure is the wrong length. Of course I already am aware of this.  I've already recorded all of my patterns with 64 notes so where did I go wrong. In theory they should all start on the same length pattern.  BUT here is where this has tripped me up.

When creating a new project I'll just start recording a 64 step sequence on pattern 1 (my mistake).  Eventually, I clear all pattern 1s on each of the 4 tracks.  I know others do this so that you can bring in patterns one at a time at the start of a song. 

Let's say track 4 is still empty but now I start with 64 step pattern on pattern 2.  Now, when the song starts playing, even though nothing is on track 2 pattern 1, it IS playing a 8 step sequence of nothing and that throughs off the start of the new pattern.


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