May 11, 2021, 02:30:34 pm
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Author Topic: Polybrute reverting to firmware 0.2.0 and failing to switch on - FIXED  (Read 273 times)


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Today my PB failed to switch on - only the Poly light lit up in the polyphony section. Fortunately this was solved by posting to a Facebook group where Jamie Morden (Geosynths) had also had this problem. Solution was to start Polybrute Connect which recognised the synth as having reverted to OS as above. It installed the new firmware and the synth restarted correctly.



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Thank you soooo much for sharing this!  I thought my Polybrute was toast and just got off the phone with my local dealer to have it brought in for warranty on Monday.  I'm so relieved!!  Just updated the firmware now and it's back up and running!


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This has happened to me twice now !
Bit Pissed .... if this was to happen at a gig  >:(


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First Thankyou to the Original Poster,  I don't know if you all just got lucky or if I am below average intelligence but it took me a while to get this to work...

I will put the step by steps for others because this is SUPER usefull to know.

Bad firmware Steps to fix:

1) Close PolyBrute Connect
2) Turn off PolyBrute
3) Unplug USB
4) Turn on Polybrute - DO THIS BEFORE STARTING PolyBrute Connect
5) wait 30 seconds
6) Plug in polybrute
7) Open Polybrute Connect

If you don't see some red lettering that tells you to update firmware.... start the process over.


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