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Author Topic: Help setting up Knobs with Reason  (Read 370 times)


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Help setting up Knobs with Reason
« on: March 02, 2021, 04:12:35 pm »
Hi everyone. Yesterday I got my Minilab MkII to use for my sound engineering classes. Currently, I'm working mainly in Reason, and have been trying to get the controller set up to work properly. I followed this guide: and have been able to get at least some functionality out of it. However, I'm having a few issues.

I'm trying to get the knobs on memory bank 3 to be unassigned so that I can quickly use overrides to change parameters with my knobs. However, when I try to do this I run into several issues. When setting up the keyboard automatically in reason as a MIDI control keyboard, the knobs function in relative mode, with the parameters set in MIDI control center. However, trying to use the unassigned knobs in memory 3 doesn't result in any MIDI input in reason. I found out that if I set up the controller again separately as a control surface, that it will recognize these controls. When I do this however, the knobs stop functioning as relative, and won't let me change the parameters correctly when assigning them to the knobs. In the override mappings, trying to change the knobs in this mode makes reason freak out and switch between the 2 separate 'versions' of the controller, often crashing the software outright. The only way I seem to be able to get the knobs to function correctly is by not setting it up as a separate control surface, but this leaves me unable to program the knobs as I see fit. Is this just something I'm missing in MIDI control center? Any help is appreciated.


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Re: Help setting up Knobs with Reason
« Reply #1 on: March 02, 2021, 05:59:04 pm »

Unfortunately I'm not a Reason user, I haven't been since Reason 4. I hope someone can come along and help you, but Reason is a bit of a shall we say boutique product compared to the major players so you may have to wait a while for someone with the appropriate knowledge to pass by. Alternatively try asking on a Reason forum or FB group: there's probably more Reason users there with Arturia controllers than there are Arturia users here with Reason.
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