May 11, 2021, 03:52:40 pm
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Author Topic: Local control off with Polybrute Connect VST  (Read 255 times)


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Local control off with Polybrute Connect VST
« on: February 27, 2021, 12:58:15 pm »
I'm not sure how to use MIDI effects in my DAW (Reaper) while using Polybrute Connect VST. Here is the problem:

Normally to use a MIDI effect, we would turn local control off, and then route the MIDI effect out back to the Polybrute MIDI in. This would allow DAW effects like snap to scale, etc.

This generally works fine, and knobs still work (e.g. morph, filter cutoff, etc).

However, once I add the Polybrute Connect VST the knobs no longer work. They just do nothing in this setup.

So basically:

local control: off, send ccs: on,  polybrute vst, route midi back to polybrute (or not) -> knobs don't work

local control: off, send ccs: on, route midi back to polybrute -> knobs work

Is there a way to get this working?


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Re: Local control off with Polybrute Connect VST
« Reply #1 on: March 01, 2021, 04:50:24 pm »
Hello Valankar.
Thanks for this one, it helped to point out the following bug -> When local Control is set to OFF , PolyBrute VST connection is shut. It will be fixed ASAP.

In the meantime , here are some  words about the differences between POLYBRUTE MIDI and VST connections and how everyone tries to live happily together with PolyBrute connect software.

Please note that Polybrute VST is meant to be a "private" port always open, and should not be accessible to the user. Even if you can tick/untick it in Audio Midi Settings or in your DAW, it will remain open in the backgrounf . We strongly recommend to keep it unticked.
The purpose of this connection is to transmit data when turning knobs and other controls/parameters to polybrute connect software using NRPN messages

The PolyBrute MIDI connection purpose is to i.e Record notes in a MIDI track, send notes on other synths using MIDI DIN cables, and send CC data when turning knobs.

And more importantly, by design, when polybrute connect is open, the Knobs will only transfer data using the POlybrute VST connection , and hence no CC data (by polybrute MIDI connection) will be transmitted in order to avoid conflicts between the 2 midi protocols.

TO sum it up, if i use the polybrute connect, i activate POlyBrute MIDI connection. that's all.
Like this playing notes on the hardware, will trig keys in software, but messages will be filtered in order to avoid feedback loop.

I hope this helps. I saw your support ticket and Gearslutz post too. Sorry if i don't answer to Gearslutz, but for sure i checked your case with my colleague of Tech support.
If it doesn't suit, i'd be happy to give help depending of the use case you would have.

thanks in advance,
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Re: Local control off with Polybrute Connect VST
« Reply #2 on: March 02, 2021, 08:15:21 am »
Great, thank you.


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