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Author Topic: Pitch bend editing or microtuning / editing multiple values  (Read 1095 times)


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Pitch bend editing or microtuning / editing multiple values
« on: January 21, 2021, 07:00:50 pm »
Dear Aturia-Team,

I enjoy playing with the 2S, however I feel it is lacking in aspects of ease of use and editing possibilities. There are a bunch of complaints I have about the routing in the modular section, but as this can not be fixed by a simple update, I will skip to the next part. What I suggest could be easily fixed (at least thats what I think) with an update.

1. Please add the possibility to edit pitchbend information with either the mod1/velocity or mod2/pressure. Steps smaller than a half step are important for my music and right now, to my knowledge I can only achieve this by routing the kbd through an attenuator to pitch, which will however make me unable to play harmonically. Adding a pitch-bend modulation would solve this problem.

2. Please allow us to edit multiple steps at once (for example velocity). This could be easily done: Just hold one additional button (like copy?) while moving one knob could have this effect. I think this could be easily implemented with an update as well.

Please give the Microbrute some love! You did not update it at all since 1.0. In regards to the features that are missing and the number of feature-requests, this is shame and makes me less satisfied as a customer. I own an Novation Bass Station II as well and they frequently add new features via patch, besides fixing issues. Simply looking at this, it makes me more inclined to buy from Novation and I think it is the same for others. I like your products quite a lot, but I think you should rethink your upgrade-policy. Don't just forgot your synths (and customers) once sold, because in the long term, I am sure it will have a negative effect for you as well.

Thank you.


PS: I am aware of routing KBD through the VCA section while adding velocity to the mix. However, this destroys the tuning unfortunately and as I can't find I way to increase the volt of the cv without external hardware, I am stuck again.

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Re: Pitch bend editing or microtuning / editing multiple values
« Reply #1 on: January 22, 2021, 01:42:24 am »
Nice ideas, but you'll need to submit a ticket asking for them in order to get any traction.

I was told in recent correspondence with support that they are working on another firmware. Fingers crossed on that.


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