April 13, 2021, 12:59:12 pm
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Author Topic: V Collection 7 plugins not recalling properly in Pro Tools (Mac AND Windows)  (Read 252 times)


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I noticed that this issue has been posted for Pro Tools on the Mac. For me it happens on both MacOS and Windows 10, and I've come up with a workaround. It amounts to way more setup and maintenance than you should have to do, but it works. When I follow these steps, my Arturia plugins (currently using Mellotron V and Mini V3) always come up with the correct patch/settings when I reopen the Pro Tools session:

  1) In each plugin, save the current patch/settings as a Preset in the Library, if it isn't already saved there. Do this for each plugin instance that has a different patch.
  2) In each plugin, create a new PLAYLIST.
  3) Drag the saved preset(s) into the playlist, in the order you want (or drag to rearrange afterwards).
  4) Insert a program change automation message at the beginning of each Arturia track, corresponding to the preset's position (starting with 0) in the PLAYLIST.
  5) Open all Arturia plugin windows, by Shift-clicking each plugin so it stays open.
  6) Always leave all Arturia plugin windows open, simultaneously, when you close the Pro Tools session.
  7) Unfortunately, if you work on both Mac and Windows as I do or, for that matter, more than one computer regardless of platform, you would have to do the above steps on EACH computer, exporting your presets to a place where they can be imported on the other computer. But since the presets and playlists are stored on the computer, you can instead just copy the following folders from one computer/platform to the other:
      Presets are stored here:
        - Win10:  C:\ProgramData\Arturia\Presets\<PLUGIN NAME>\User\
        - MacOS:  Macintosh HD/Library/Arturia/Presets/<PLUGIN NAME>/User/
      Playlists are stored here:
        - Win10:  C:\ProgramData\Arturia\<PLUGIN NAME>\User\Playlist\
        - MacOS:  Macintosh HD/Library/Arturia/<PLUGIN NAME>/User/Playlist

To Arturia: perhaps the above workflow will give you an idea of how to fix this issue? It's ridiculous that your plugins can't recall their settings properly unless the settings are saved in the Library and included in a Playlist, and the plugin window is open when you reopen your Pro Tools session!


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The obvious question now is, has this been fixed in V Collection 8? If so, I could be tempted to spend the $299 to upgrade...


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