January 17, 2021, 06:47:48 pm
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Author Topic: Keylab 88 sustain pedal no continuous  (Read 67 times)


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Keylab 88 sustain pedal no continuous
« on: January 05, 2021, 07:43:51 am »
Hi all,

I can't get my sustain pedal (Roland DP-10) to work in continuous mode with my Keylab 88. I've tried setting this in both the MCC and via the Keylab 'Edit-Mode-InvrtCtrl', but the pedal only sends 000 or 127 (this is the case both in the MCC Midi Console and on the Keylab display). I have the switch on the sustain pedal set to 'continuous', but I have tried both switch settings (toggle). Strangely if I am editing the Sustain Pedal Threshold (e.g. in 'Edit-Global-SustThres') the pedal shows the correct values, moving continuously from 000 to 127 through intermediate values, again this is the case both in the MCC Midi Console and on the Keylab display). If I connect the sustain pedal to the expression pedal slot, then it acts as a continuous controller moving through intermediate values. I am aware of the workaround to connect the sustain pedal to the expression pedal slot and then map this to 64 for sustain, but I would also like to use the expression pedal at the same time... Additionally, if I connect the expression pedal to the sustain slot, it behaves similarly to the sustain pedal as I described above, where it acts as a toggle unless I am in editing mode for the Sustain Pedal Threshold ('Edit-Global-SustThres').

I have read a few threads on this but none of them led to a solution for me.

The Keylab display (on startup) and the MCC both state that my Firmware Revision is 1.2.0. I have applied and upgrades, and they claim to get burnt correctly, but I don't have a way to verify this.

Thanks for the help,


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Re: Keylab 88 sustain pedal no continuous
« Reply #1 on: January 16, 2021, 04:35:58 pm »

I have the same issue here. I think the KeyLab 88 (first version, not the MkII), doesn't accept continuous CC in the sustain port, so when I want to use this feature, i connect my sustain pedal in the Expression pedal port, and change the CC to 64 (sustain). This works, but if you want the continuous sustain AND the expression pedal... well, I think then you are f*****.

It seems strange, because the MCC allows you to choose the continuous option in this port, so it should work this way, but it doesn't...

If I'm wrong, and anyone knows how to make it work this way, I'd be really happy (or some new firmware, but since the MkII are out there, I think that there will be no more firmware upgrades for us, users of the first born KeyLabs).


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