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Author Topic: Analog lab Crashes cubase 8!!  (Read 2264 times)


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Analog lab Crashes cubase 8!!
« on: October 16, 2019, 05:15:49 pm »
Hey Im running on windows 7 32 bit cubase 8
I have installed the latest updates

when haveing more then 4 analog lab vst's open in cubase Mobdro
t starts crashing cubase when changeing presets

ive also noticed big CPU jumps when moveing between presets espically the MULTI ones

any one got any idea's?
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Re: Analog lab Crashes cubase 8!!
« Reply #1 on: October 27, 2020, 05:54:00 pm »

FYI: The current Analog Lab have it's own forum. You have posted in a forum for a discontinuet product.

Some things that can have and impact on CPU usage:
1. Soundcard and it's buffer and samplerate settings. Set the settings that work.
2. The number of voices playing at a time including when using long release times and hold, and how many sounds is playing and also put the load on the same CPU core/s. You save CPU if you reduce things like this.
3. The presets CPU usage - as they does'nt all use the same and also depend on which application they come from. Different applications can use very different CPU usage, and the presets in Analog Lab use presets form many different applications.
4. The plugins performance.

Some extra things about computer performance:
1. The CPUs performance. The higher the base clock speed the better.
2. The computer settings - so it work in high performance mode, and tasks is'nt running in the background.
3. When using samplers when in example using certain libraries in NI's Kontakt, then the disk speed have a performance impact.
4. The computers other components and how well all components work together.

There are lots of informations about things like this on the web and even in Arturia forums.

Crashes can be about performance. But it can also be about other things. It's allways possible to contact Arturia support, if there a compatibility issues  or other issues - in example  related to certain DAWS.
I can tell that Arturia no longer come as 32 bit applications. So if one have Analog Lab 4, then the 32 bit Analog Lab is'nt Analog Lab 4, and that might give issues.
Arturia only sometimes answer in the forums. The forums is'nt official Arturia support.

EDIT: Perhaps i should add that sometimes, if you only hear distortion, then the distortion can be about something distortion in the sound, the output or in the DAW, and can be corrected by changing levels somewhere, or something like that. EDIT END
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Re: Analog lab Crashes cubase 8!!
« Reply #2 on: November 04, 2020, 04:00:27 pm »
Thanks for the useful information.
Your welcome.


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