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Author Topic: Improved Control of Velocity Curves and Key Balance on KeyLab 88 Mk2  (Read 2319 times)


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As I have been looking at purchasing either a Mk2 KeyLab 88 or a StudioLogic SL88 Studio/Grand, I have noticed that the KeyLab seems to be missing a level of customisation around the velocity/touch. It would add significantly to the capabilities of the KeyLab if it included:

1. more customisation of the velocity curves, including custom curves that could be edited on the PC;

2. adding customisation of the key balance (both between black/white notes and over the keyboard) so that you can manage any keys that do become more/less responsive over time, and also adjust for playing styles, etc.

I would hope that these are things that could be delivered by firmware updates, in which case, I would strongly suggest considering adding these capabilities - at least to the KeyLab 88 Mk2.


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Re: Improved Control of Velocity Curves and Key Balance on KeyLab 88 Mk2
« Reply #1 on: February 03, 2020, 12:34:59 am »
KeyLab 61 MK2

I have also another feature request related to velocity curve of MK2 61/49 Keylab:

It only has 3 velocity curves and it limits creativity a lot. 
Why don't you have the quarter type of velocity = FULL (also cc=127)  like in other Arturia controllers?
 A controller of these characteristics should have at least 8 or 10 types of most common velocity curves and one curve programmable by the user (with an x and y axis plot).

Would it be possible to include it in a new firmware version?



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Any solution to this?

I'm considering keyboards but this is a dealbreaker if it won't be addressed.


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