August 16, 2022, 02:41:08 am
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Author Topic: Enter one note at a time into BSP via MIDI on my MiniLab Mk2  (Read 714 times)


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One of the things I would like to see if the ability to 'KEY IN' each note say in a sequence of 16 notes for SEQ1 or SEQ2 via the Midi Keyboard similar to the way Roland's SH01A sequencer works.

The reason I would like to see this is that sometimes I want a sequence of 16 notes and lets say I want to input the following into my BSP.

_ = Rest

F _ F_ _ F _ F _ B _ F# _ F#_ F

It's impossible to do this quickly on the BSP. I fully appreciate that the whole point of the BSP is to expirement using the pattern keys and note rotary knobs but I always find this time consuming.

If there was a way to enter a sequence (without having the sequencer actually running) this would be great.

Thank you



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