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Author Topic: Clock output starts without any reason on preset containing an arpeggiator  (Read 686 times)


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I use Microfreak behind a Fishman Triple Play on my guitar.
The triple play generates midi notes which are routed to the Microfreak midi input channel over usb.

I encouter a strange situation when I use a preset as the Number Station which contains an arppegiator : as soon as the MF receives the notes, it plays them using the preset BUT it also starts sending its midi clock output on the midi usb out and possibly a start order (I have to check this).
And as there are other instruments  behind MF on the midi bus, they receive the MF midi clock and react (for example a Behringer Crave starts playing its own sequence, just as if it has received a start RT command with the clock  ???).
The MF Midi Sync config is on 'Auto'.

If I stop the MF, the midi clock output stops, so it is not another instrument which sends this clock.
If I simply stops the MF arpeggiator, the clock output stops. (but the crave continue ... valliant beast!!)

It seems that as soon as the MF arpeggiator recognizes a chord to play, it engages its playing BUT starts sending Clock on the midi output ? Why ?

I appreciate that Arpeggiator starts when it receives a midi chord, but not the clock + start output in this case.

Is it something normal or a bug ?
Sending output clock (and may be a start command) in this situation does not seem normal.
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