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Author Topic: PolyBrute Editor  (Read 380 times)


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PolyBrute Editor
« on: October 09, 2020, 03:32:53 am »
1) Can I add the PolyBrute editor as a VST to a track in my DAW (Bitwig) and use that same track to record MIDI notes, Pitchbend, Aftertouch and CCs (or NRPNs) that are generated by a MIDI controller assigned as the MIDI input to that track (where "MIDI controller" could be PolyBrute or some other MIDI controller capable of generating CCs/NRPNs)?

2) If I'm using a generic MIDI controller as described above, does the PolyBrute editor support "MIDI Learn", so that I can essentially use the the PolyBrute editor to map the MIDI CC's/NRPN's output by my generic MIDI controller to the CC's/NRPN's needed to control the PolyBrute hardware?

3) If Arturia adds MPE support to MatrixBrute and I'm using a MPE-capable MIDI controller (such as Roli Seaboard) as the MIDI input to a Bitwig track containing the PolyBrute editor, will I be able to route the 5 dimensions of controllability (including polyphonic aftertouch and polyphonic pitch bend) generated by the Roli Seaboard to destinations within the MatrixBrute editor?  Note that Bitwig fully supports MPE.
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