September 19, 2021, 11:44:52 pm
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Author Topic: More advanced LFO,Envelop, Arp/Seq with Key sinc, key transponse, curve velocity  (Read 89 times)

Sergej Volkov

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 ;) Hello Arturians! I have a lot of synthesizers and they are far from the PB sound, but they have functionality that PB does not have. In particular, with regards to envelopes, LFOs, transposition, key speed and more. I will give examples of what I would like in the next firmware.(of course if the developers can!)                  A) with regards to LFO1 =  SPREAD - With a setting of 1, there is a 1 degree shift between the LFOs for each voice. As you begin to increase the SPREAD value, the phase of the LFO for each consecutive voice will be shifted by the amount of  SPREAD applied. For example, with a 90 degree setting, the first voice will always be at 0 degrees, and each consecutive voice will be shifted by an additional 90 degrees. So with 4 voice UNISON, voice 1 would be at 0 degrees, voice 2 would be at 90 degrees, voice 3 would be at 180 degrees, and voice 4 would be at 270 degrees. B) with regards to LFO2 = Param1! Delay (LFO Delay Time)  Determines the delay time between the moment you press a key on the keyboard and the moment the LFO comes into effect. Param2! Fade In (LFO Fade In Time) Determines the amount of time for the LFO effect to fade in (after the “Delay” time has elapsed). Param3! Hold (LFO Hold Time) Determines the length of time during which the LFO is held at its maximum level. (Or, hold: No fade-out)  Param4! Fade Out (LFO Fade Out Time) Determines the time over which the LFO effect is faded out (after the “Hold” time has elapsed). And also I would like them all to have the same function as 3 lfo, in particular a single shot!  In terms of envelopes, I want more detailed curves, attacks, decay and release, which in turn can bend and bend in multiples in values, for example, from 0 to -10 bending inward, and from 0 to +10 bending outward. Sustain can also be sloped up and down in multiples of a numerical value from 0 to -10 and from 0 to +10, which can be useful for special creative purposes! Someone will ask where is this so that the sustain has its own envelope? I will say that I have such a synthesizer and this is a useful feature! In any case, those envelopes that are on the PB are the weakest link and I would like the best envelopes for my PB. It's still nice to have envelopes one-shot - In this triggering mode, the envelope will be reset to zero and then start its attack stage. Once the decay phase is complete, the envelope will jump immediately to its release stage (that is, there is no sustain phase).  With regards to ARP/SEQ! Want KEY SYNC - This option allows you to turn KEY-SYNC (Key Synchronisation) On and Off. When KEY-SYNC is On, the arpeggiator will start playing as soon as you strike the first note (when no keys are pressed). When KEY- SYNC is Off, the arpeggiator will start playing using the Master BPM (internal or external) and ARP CLOCK (after division) as its timing source. The default value is Off. CURV SUS: This controls the curve shape (or slope) of the sustain stage. It would also be nice to have a transposition. TRANSPOSE - This option allows you to TRANSPOSE notes played on the keyboard. The notes played can be transposed in steps of single semitones. The TRANSPOSE range is from -48 to +48, and the default TRANSPOSE setting is 0. For example, a transpose of -7 would mean that all played keys would be transposed down by seven semitones. I also want to be able to change the pitch bend wheel pitch values. For example, for lifting, the value is one tone, and for lowering, another value is, for example, half a tone. They must be different relative to zero!   Administrators, developers and forum residents react!


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