October 28, 2020, 05:25:53 pm
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Author Topic: Your forum software (SMF) is out of date; updating can help with spam  (Read 99 times)


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Well I don't love the tone, this person in this thread makes an important excellent point; it is very bad practice to run out of date forum software. At best, You're looking at a spam problem. However, worse exploits / data loss etc may even occur. Please consider upgrading! But, do a FULL BACKUP first - database and files - and verify the contents. (You can then do a test upgrade on the backup-verification instance).

It's especially important to maintain the security of your forum, because it appears to be running on the same host as your actual website, so... you stand to have an awful lot of stuff offline should that server get exploited. Hopefully you are at least using separate database /SQL usernames/accounts for your forum, vs your site, etc.

But please, please - get the software current. (And, If you will see my other thread about DNS, you may wish to look into a larger overhaul of how your web stuff works).

I hear all that but when spammers are still managing to post 300 spam emails in 48 hours it's obviously not too difficult to get right.

Perhaps you need a professional to keep your software up-to-date?
This forum runs version 2.0.13 released in 2016, while latest version is 2.0.17 released in 2019.

On the SMF website I read:
Be aware that the CAPTCHA has been broken for many years and causes real users more of a headache than the spammers.

Please have a look what has been improved over the years.
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