July 14, 2020, 09:11:23 am
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Author Topic: Arturia Minilab MKII Midi Mapping in Logic Pro x 10.5 Live Grid Control  (Read 153 times)


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Hi Ya'll

There's hardly any material on it "yet' But once this is done will something More solid to Check

More hands can have a flourishing Minilab MKII workflow Templates to control Logic Pro x 's Grid Control.

I have achieved higher control by Adding Akai APC mini , but the point is to make Minilab MKII the master so that , there is least or no amount of Macbook\mouse needed.

Logic pro x Jumbled controls even for Analog Lab Solved -
Select Shift+Pad1

I am now able to control Analog lab in Logic Pro X 10.5 ,
remedy was to uncheck the Arturia Minilab MKII in Logics Control surface Preference. As the Auto assigned script loaded by Logic is wrong

So on a given track of Analog lab now all controls work just like the standalone mode.

Logic's default script for Arturia Minilab is not good . I feel Arturia needs to Let Logic Pro team know that their Auto assign for this device is no good and further confusing the users. Provide Logic Users equal support as given to Ableton .

I am able to map most of the functions , but some are still a headache for me .

Like i love how First two knobs which have the clickable buttons can navigate through Anlog lob Navigation selection,

I wanted to map them to roll through Logic pro x 10.5 live view to select and cycle through Scenes and tracks.

Scenes i was able to map with some difficulty, but  Logic does not understand the Infinity encoders Increment behavior .

But tracks selection doesn't roll through all the time, buggy it is.

I also assigned all 16 Pads to use green colour and made each one of them trigger a scene . I moved gate to toggle so that buttons remain on while the scene is playing but when i select the next scene i have to manually switch off the previous scene .
I still want the Pads to follow 'Lit' when played action but can't figure that out, as MCC takes toggle as latch.
and one needs to press it again to disengage the Light.

I made both clickable knobs to map , Play scenes or cells . and other to stop all cells.

If you help me figure this script efficiently then the whole of Arturia Minilab MKII userbase can benefit from it.

I am Attaching the Midi mapping preset file pls see what can be done better on it. Load it to your Preset Bank

For new users
*Import my script in Midi Control Centre
Select My script and at the bottom and an Empty Memory Preset , Press the Arrow up and down Button , Done
Select the Script pad and use it and your suggestions are welcome.

Do post your reply, comments and tips on Logic Pro x and Arturia Minilab communication and programming help needed.


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