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Author Topic: Power connector stopped working very suddenly.  (Read 525 times)


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Power connector stopped working very suddenly.
« on: May 23, 2020, 03:53:52 pm »
Hi I'm a long time Arturia controller user and I really enjoyed using my Keylab Mk1, until the USB port fell in, I tried soldering on a new port and consequently broke the whole thing (it no longer powers up) at all.

I replaced it with the Keylab MkII which I've now had for close to 2 weeks and have been very happy with it up until a few days ago.

It had been working like a charm and I was very impressed but 3 days ago when I went to turn the keyboard on via my "optional" power cable (which is how I have powered it since I unboxed and has been working fine), I found it wouldn't switch on.

I've reported my findings to the online store I bought from who have been quick in response but they seem to think that the problem is the cable I've used (even though I've used multiple PSU's which fit the DC adapter spec given by arturia's website).

On inspection of the DC port it looked like it might be a little bit loose internally, but nothing that should get in the way of making an electronic connection in my opinion. I had (at the point of discovering the fault) only put a cable in and out of the port twice since unboxing.

I can power up via the USB cable (without the ground-loop reducer on it) but no midi information being sent to my computer via this method which makes all of the features on it (especially syncing with analog lab) kind of redundant. Also it's not really something I can accept, not having a working power port.

As it stands Iím not receiving any midi information from my 8 pin midi cable into my interface either. Very strange considering it worked for a little over a week with no hitches.

Itís really quite a shame - I actually only bought this midi controller to replace my 1st generation keylab which again had a faulty port at the back on it. Iím hoping I wonít need to try soldering again if Iíve only just bought it though.

Am also hoping that this is something which can be sorted out quickly as I have deadlines I am working towards coming up soon & I can't really go without for too long.

Anybody got any advice? Had any similar issues?


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Re: Power connector stopped working very suddenly.
« Reply #1 on: May 23, 2020, 04:07:12 pm »
So it's still under warranty, right? Have you contacted Arturia's Support ?

and since you ask, I've never had any such issues like those on my KL61 (1st gen) nor on my 2x KL6 MkII


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