September 24, 2020, 12:17:04 am
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Author Topic: Random microtuning mapping  (Read 190 times)


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Random microtuning mapping
« on: May 10, 2020, 02:21:16 am »
Hi, I've had a lot of fun using Pigments in tunings such as 31 EDO.
However, I am now wanting to explore some non-equal tunings such as Just Intonation, and am finding that the mapping is unexpected.

For example lets say there is only one 50cent sized gap in the tuning, and we expect it between our reference 60, and 61. And say there is only one 10cent sized gap in the tuning, found elsewhere.
The .tun file specifies reference as 60, and shows indeed 61 as 50cents higher. However upon playing in Pigments we might find that 61 is only 10 cents higher than 60, and the scale has been shifted, that 50 cent gap now found somewhere like from 67-68.

This is an issue with scales sized other than 12-steps.

Here is an example attached. The scale should open with 60=C4, 61 being 88 cents higher and gradually collapse to an interval of 46 cents before repeating 79=C5, 80 = C5+88cents at the next octave.  You can see this written in the Tun file.
60 does at least give the correct reference pitch , but it is set to the 4th mode of the scale - meaning the 88c interval happens between 57 and 58 instead.

I am able to make this useable my rearranging the scale before .tun export.

So say 60 should be your root - that'll only be the case for scales where 0 would then also = root (so scales of size being a factor of 60). If it's a 19 note scale, your low root should be 60-19-19-19= midi note 3. However it will map it to 0 instead, putting midi note 3 (and thus 60) as the 4th mode. So you mute rewrite the scale to rearrange the scale to its 16th (19-3) mode and export that.

I'm glad I'll be able to use it after figuring this out - but it would be nice to see it working as intended: Scale mapped to reference pitch note, not midi note 0 - resulting in the cents between each note as shown in the Tun text file.

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