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Author Topic: Spark only renders 1st sequence of song in reaper  (Read 434 times)


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Spark only renders 1st sequence of song in reaper
« on: April 14, 2020, 03:31:07 pm »
Hi I can see there was a similar post previously but I have a double problem so created new thread.

In reaper I have spark on track one if I select freeze/render it renders the first sequence in the song chain and then stops recording.

I have also tried creating track 2 and setting sends on track 1 to track 2. This shows the audio is going to track 2 with the meter responding but arming the track to record and pressing record just plays but doesn't create an audio file.

I initially thought it was a problem with reaper or my routing, but not having this issue with any other VST instrument.

I have no data in reaper track for Spark as the songs are all sequenced in Spark software itself and reaper simply sends the start/stop command, but the track is getting audio from Spark, I just cant find anyway to record it.

Hope someone out there can help

Thanks  :)


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