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Author Topic: MicroFreak does not respond to midi PCs as stated in the FAQ  (Read 921 times)


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The FAQ says that we could change presets using a midi BANK SELECT followed by a PC with the preset number in the bank.
I tried every combination, but nothing works.
In the previous version of doc, there is a mention of some setting (in Midi Control Center for Microfreak) which enable PCs reception, but this has disapeared from the last versions of firmware and MDC.

How to enable this feature and change presets by midi ?



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Re: MicroFreak does not respond to midi PCs as stated in the FAQ
« Reply #1 on: April 11, 2020, 10:20:46 pm »

After some work trying to use microfreak as an expander behind a guitar using Midi Guitar program, and a discution on audiofanzine, here is what I discovered :
The only way to have microfreak accept input notes outside of midi input 'all' setting,  is to choose midi channel 1 and not other channel.
I tried everything: send him the Midi Guitar notes on the USB link or the midi in cable, nothing changes, only channel 1 works.
I continued my tests without the USB link in case of conflict with the input cable.
And there, when it is configured to use channel 1 as input, even if I send the notes to it on a channel other than 1 via Midi Guitar ... it plays them like my Waldorf which is in omni mode and receives the same midi info via a signal splitter !!!
It therefore behaves as if it was in omni mode when you select channel 1, for the other canuax it does not accept anything even if I send it on the chosen channel.
My problem is that apart from the notes, I want to send PCs to microfreak and the fact that it only receives the notes on 'all' or '1'. So I can only send PCs on channel 1 because it doesn’t not accept PC in all mode.
However in my pedal board channel 1 is taken for other more important functions ... which react as documented.
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