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Author Topic: LFO may we have the choice between control signal [-5/+5] and [0/+10] ?  (Read 292 times)


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Good morning, sirs

In your manual, we can read: "All modulations on the MicroFreak Matrix are bipolar, which means they can become positive and negative and thus control the modulation target in either the positive or negative range."
Which is wrong for your LFO, which is basically bipolar. It would be great to be able to give us the choice, or even implement an OFFSET setting for the LFO.  This is a problem that we find in many of your implementations, especially in the V collection, where some of the original VCOs [0/+10V] were designed in [-5/+5V], which made certain manipulations impossible (notably using a -5/+5 VCO on a VCA to make an output tremolo...)  ;)

On the microfreak, this kind of bipolar LFO prevents to take full advantage of several parameters based on a precise modulation start, and also some with blurred and multimodal maximums.
for example :
1. Pitch modulation by a Square LFO with a two octave gap: OK, but I have to do the offset myself while playing elsewhere. Pitch modulation with a deviation of one minor third: impossible.
2. Same for precise modulations of the Filter (with a fixed input frequency, since you have to provide the offset, and some offsets are not possible anymore). When using Q also as a VCO you can't "tune" the two VCO all together with modulation on the filter ! 
3. There is also a whole range of multimodulations on pads that are not usable under these conditions. Having a precise start (with LFO modulation at zero for T time = 0) which goes crazy afterwards and finally comes back to zero is not possible.
4. The interest of bipolar matrices stops at simple envelope modulations. As soon as I want to change a parameter with my LFO and the Keys, or I want to strongly modulate my modulation intensities with a faster LFO, everything goes into complete crazy because it goes into negative. A certain amount of modulation is therefore completely impossible, or at least very imprecise, or even impossible to specify.
5. We also lose all notion of harmony on some synths where we want to modify the timbral modulation according to the notes and an LFO. 
6. More important point and which regroups the previous ones [-5/+5] implies that the maximums of the oscilator are modulations of the basic value. If we could make it possible to choose between this configuration and one maximum being the main value and the other one the modulation, this could really open the door to many more controlled modulations. For example on a sinusoidal, the acceleration of the change of the modulations values are minimal... at the maximums of the modulations? Why not, but it makes at least half of the modulations with a sinusoidal sound wierd. Hence the really important need to have an LFO that can be set in many ways!     

Thank you in advance, tell me what you think about it!
ps : your checks are a bit hardcore, you know ? ;)


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