November 30, 2020, 11:24:19 pm
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Author Topic: Here for a simple rundown on how to use the keystep to record midi into live  (Read 281 times)


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So i get that as long as ur plugged in from keysteps usb out port to macbook usb port that notes can easily be recorded in a midi track in ableton. i have an emu planet earth module however that i have hooked up to the keystep in the following way: midi out of emu to midi in of keystep; midi in of emu to midi out of keystep. i have the keystep output setting set to midi. i was hoping that i could record a midi note pattern in ableton that could then control the emu. for example: i record a midi line, it sounds out of time and so i manipulate some notes, move them around, delete some etc, and then delete the audio of the emu and then rerecord with those midi notes playing out to the emu again, which also gives me the ability to loop the midi pattern and jam on the emu changing the sounds in real time with the knobs on the emu etc. i understand this set up might well be wrong and that perhaps an "external midi instrument" needs to come into play here in live but im not sure how to set any of that up. if some one could give some guidance on how to close this loop, create a midi handshake etc what ever its called these days, it would be very appreciated. hope everyones safe out there as well.


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