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Author Topic: keylab 49 essenstial - analog lab4 clicks in cubase 10  (Read 518 times)


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keylab 49 essenstial - analog lab4 clicks in cubase 10
« on: March 21, 2020, 06:55:01 pm »
Hi guys,

need some help over here : Just bought a new keyboard (old one has served 10 years :) ).
I got the keylab49 essenstial.
I configured it all as should to work in Cubase.
but I have some strange things going on.
when use analog lab 4 as VST instrument and set the midi controller as keylab essenstial, then I get a lot clicks while playing, it's like the midi is sending info or that something is really going wrong with signal.
it's very very bad.

when I do set the in analog lab the midi controller as : keylab49, then this seems to work... any idea why the essenstial midi controller is causing these bugs?

also what I try to find but seem not able to find is this :
when you have a cubase track at for example 128bmp, and then you open like ARP vst in analog lab, and try to play a sequence, this is not synced at all with the current speed of cubase.
how can we set the VST analog lab to follow the same speed as cubase is set in?

also recording automation of sliders like attack , decay, or the knobs cutoff, sometimes this shows in cubase an automation track, but then when you let it play again then the automation where you see the know values, does nothing, the analog lab4 does not respond on that...
with my previous keyboard I never had these issues, but now, seems all is messed up in cubase 10 or the keyboard and analog lab 4 is not ready or bugfree for cubase 10.
I will try some days more testing, but if not okey, then I return the keyboard to the shop, this is not the way I was dreaming of my new keyboard.

hope somebody can help me out here.

thx for any tip or clue.

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Re: keylab 49 essenstial - analog lab4 clicks in cubase 10
« Reply #1 on: March 21, 2020, 07:51:36 pm »
Hi and welcome to Arturia forums.

FYI: Analog Lab has it's own forum.

What kind of clicks? Clicks all the time or when the preset is loading only? Is a single CPU core overloaded, when you hear the clicks? How many notes are playing including sustained notes?
What's you computer specs and your soundcard settings? Which soundcard and driver? Which OS?
If you name a specific factory preset as an example, then i can have a look at that. It will help to troubleshoot.

Analog Lab use presets that's programmed in the individual full applications. Some presets are not tempo synced by default. You need the full applications to change this. But many presets are tempo synced by default.
If you name a factory preset as an example, then i can tell, if it's tempo synced or not.


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Re: keylab 49 essenstial - analog lab4 clicks in cubase 10
« Reply #2 on: March 21, 2020, 08:02:46 pm »
HI there,

well quit simple to reproduce all in cubase 10.
when setting inside analog lab the midi controller to : keylab essential, then a lot of unwanted clicks, I think the keyboard or internal software of the analog lab is sending trash signals....
when setting thye midi controller to : keylab49, these are gone.

since I have an essential, this must be set at : keylab essenstial.
also when I set the keyboard to DAW mode with : map select + DAW, then I also see strange things -> turning the knobs of channel one must change pan, this works perfect, but moving slider up and down, sometimes it work, but most of the time the slider does not respond and then suddenly moves, and then 3 seconds later the slider is not longer responding in cubase.

my computer is last one, very fast, very much ram like 32GB, CPU is maybe 10% when cubase is open and analog lab4.

i have the small feeling that the keyboard that pass midi information to cubase is messed up.

I have windows 10, latest updates, I have a UR22MKII steinberg controller, alsoa CC121 controller and then the keylab 49 essenstial.



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Re: keylab 49 essenstial - analog lab4 clicks in cubase 10
« Reply #3 on: March 21, 2020, 08:20:34 pm »
FYI: I don't have a Arturia controller yet. And i don't use Cubase as my DAW, but i have a LE version. So i can't test.

Are you sure your controller is correctly set up in Cubase?
Are you sure, that there are'nt a conflict between your controllers? I'm thinking that you perhaps send some informations to Keylab Essential from your DAW.
Do you hear clicks when you use other plugins?

I suggest you contact Arturia support, if the controller introduce clicks, if and when it's setup correctly both to use in Cubase and in Analog Lab.


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Re: keylab 49 essenstial - analog lab4 clicks in cubase 10
« Reply #4 on: March 21, 2020, 10:27:22 pm »
Well this is the setup :

in midi control center : DAW mode = HUI (they say that's the one to choose for Cubase)

then in cubase 10, with device, I created a new one : MACKIE HUI (as they told us on Arturia website to do)
then midi input = MIDIIN2
midi output = MIDIOUT2

do this is what it should be.
then in cubase when I put the keyboard in DAW mode = Map select + DAW then I can do this :
I can start cubase when pushing the knob start/pauze ON the keyboard.
when I then still in DAW mode use the sliders to go up and down, like slider 1 = channel slider 1 in Cubase (or that should be like that) then it takes like 4 seconds before I see IN cubase on the mixing console that slider from channel one going up, but there is more.
I have 2 channels in cubase  : first channel 1 is the analog lab 4 with a normal note playing for 10 bars, channel 2 is a wav with a kickdrum.
when I move the slider on the keyboard channel1 then the slider is going up and down as should.
but when I then move slider 2, I can see in cubase that the slider 2 is activated in cubase and is responding on the movement of the keyboard slider channel2, but also the sound on the analog lab 4 instruments starts to's like the movement of the slider on channel 2 is also affecting the sound or analog lab in a way that it can not do that.

then also when I stop the music with the stop button on the keyboard, the sound of analog lab keeps on going, like interferance of something else. also the stop knob on the keyboard is NOT white ,it's still the play/pause button. so also the buttons are not correct with the indicator light. and the sounds of analog lab keeps repeating even if cubase stopped playing.

and onces this started, you can do nothing else but going to the analog lab, change to an other preset and the sounds stops playing, but as soon as I set it to a new sound and repeat exactly what I did above, then same thing happens. It's like the keyboard is getting in a kind of loop motion or is messing up all communication.

then next test, I set the keyboard to : map select + analog lab, so while cubase is playing I can move knobs and sliders and it does react perfectly with the virtual knobs and far.
but then I activate read and write automation on cubase, the moment I move a knob I can see cubase adds right away an automation track and is recording the knob movement.
onces this is done, I go back and try to play it, no automation will work. I have to switch on the keyboard to ananlog lab mode and then back to daw mode. then the knows will react on the automation.

so it's all so strange and no consistency in that.

also then this: when I add a new track on cubase, with a total different instrumtent vst that is not from analog lab, and then I set the keyboard in daw mode, and try to learn a know on the vst to react on a certain bottom or slider of the keyboard, then nothing happens, only I move the pan or volume. so it seems that I can also not use the knobs of the keyboard to control other knobs an vst instruments, this to record automation for example.

and also adding a new channel with also analog lab with a different instruments( so in total I have then 2 channels of analog lab and one channel with wav kick and one channel with for example sylenth1) then when i try to add automation on the second channel of analog lab, then the second instruments of analog lab is reacting on the automation of the first analog lab track... so the keyboard knobs are good for one instance of analog lab 4 ,but not 2, and the keyboard can not control other knobs on other vst instruments to record automation...

and when I play all channels, and then hit stop, then all music on the midi channels keep playing, so the midi channels continue to play on the wav channel is stopping.
so there must be some kind of bug or midi leak in the keyboard, nothing else I can think off.

with my old behringer umx49 I could do that all in one instance....
am I doing something wrong? is there a setup I do not know?

hope this info is good enought to show what happens around here.

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Re: keylab 49 essenstial - analog lab4 clicks in cubase 10
« Reply #5 on: March 22, 2020, 12:48:25 am »
Have you read the Keylab Essential manual?

A Mackie HUI setup is used to control functions in your DAW.
You should also have a Keyboard setup to control plugins and such.
Be sure you don't have a setup that create message loops, or that cause conflicts with your other controller. In example you can have a out port active somewhere, that can cause a loop or a conflict.
I can't tell you about cubase studio setup as i use another DAW as my main DAW. I assumed you knew about this, if you have years of exsperience.

When you use DAW map, then Keylab Essentials knobs and faders are dedicated to control the DAW functions like volume and pan and not plugins.
So to control plugins with the knobs and faders, then you should not use the DAW map.

When you shall control other plugins than Analog Lab, then you should be in a User map. And be sure to assign the controls to the VSTs you wish to control.

If you load 2 instances of Analog Lab, then you should be able to control each one seperately.

Do you use track automation in Cubase? Do you know about Read and write automation? Are you an exsperienced Cubase user, just like i assumed you where?
Which factory preset is it, that won't stop?

Please keep in mind, that this forums is'nt official Arturia support. You can't exspect Arturia answer your posts here, even if they sometime does.
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Re: keylab 49 essenstial - analog lab4 clicks in cubase 10
« Reply #6 on: March 22, 2020, 11:47:05 am »
Hi there,

after last night, I decided to uninstall all I had from Arturia and then start over.
must say, this solved a lot, but no all.

what is solved, for the moment no cracking back sounds anymore...hope this stays like that.
then on analog lab 4 vst instance, I can perfectly use automation now and it does act as should.

then ofcourse I know what automation read/write works (18years in cubase :-)) and yes I know I have a to user map on the keyboard in order to control other VST knobs.

but still there is for what I think a small bug inside.
if I do this in cubase or other daw, I think easy to test :
first channel is an analog lab 4 music midi piece with 5 automations on it.... works perfect.
2nd channel is just a wav kick loop
3th channel is a midi piece with VST sylenth1.
when I'm at the 3the channel, I do switch the map select to USER1, ofcourse, since I want to use the keyboard knobs to be learned on the vst sylenth1.
I add the cutoff vst to the knob cutoff on keyboard, and same with resonance.
the first time I do this, I can freely move those around, perfect, then I start recordering it works.
so when I play the test song, sylenth1 2 knobs are responding.

but then, when I go back to analog lab or DAW mode, then the automation of knobs on the sylenth1 start to react strange, or even when I delete the automation on that sylenth1 and try to turn the knobs on the keyboard, then they do act strange like they get other info and are fighting against an invisible enemy.
when I then just do this : the read on analog lab 4, I disable it, then go back to the sylenth1 then I can move the knobs on the keyboard and they responds as should.
the moment I put back on the read automation modus on analog lab 4, over and out.

the only way to solve this for what I test sofar, is :
record automation on analog lab 4 channel.
then dissable the read automation on that channel.
then go to sylenth1, use map select user 1 and then record the automation, then after that, put back on the read automation on analog lab 4.
but creazy that we must dissable the read on analog lab because it interfears with other user map and other vst...

so first time sylenth1 does use the correct automation ,but then when just going to other channel and or change the map select to DAW (for like start stop actions) then it goes wrong...

also I found out that when i also use my CC121 steinberg controller, that this causes problems or interfearance with the keyboard normal daw actions... normally they must react both on the same command and not work agains eachother...

hope I explained it a bit correct.
also testing
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Re: keylab 49 essenstial - analog lab4 clicks in cubase 10
« Reply #7 on: March 22, 2020, 01:36:46 pm »

I don't know, but i suspect, this can be about, how your controllers are setup. But i don't know enough about Cubase to guide about this.
I suggest you contact Arturia support, and post screenshots of your Studio setup to them. If it's not about the setup, then they will also be able to tell.

You can also try to see in Steinberg forums, if you have'nt allready.

Good luck.


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Re: keylab 49 essenstial - analog lab4 clicks in cubase 10
« Reply #8 on: March 22, 2020, 04:42:14 pm »
thanks for your quick replies !!!

one more thing : can you look at my setup of arturia and see this is for what you think okey?
then I know for sure the keyboard is set correct.

so in midi center, on USER1 I changed all midi channels to 2, and then all knobs and sliders have an unique CC address, like from 20 to 31 (since those are free and normally can not give problems with others)
then I saved it and send it to the keyboard under user 1.

when adding an instrument other than the analog lab, I set in cubase of course the midi channel of that to 2 and also the vst input to 2 to react on the keyboard. works like a charm.
but then when I start to move the knob CC20 that I linked to my cutoff in my vst instrument, this works perfect, as long as I do NOT activate the read automation on the analog lab, the moment I activate read on the analog lab, then the cutoff of my other vst is going crazy, also when I move the knob ON my other vst (midi2) then it's like something else is sending info to that MIDI2 and messing up the knob i'm turning.
normally after all my years of experience, once you realy have a total different midi channel, the data of midi chanel 1 can never interfear with midi2, but seems that this is the case ......
have you experienced this?

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Re: keylab 49 essenstial - analog lab4 clicks in cubase 10
« Reply #9 on: May 23, 2020, 03:14:06 pm »
Hi there,

I had the similar issues with Cubase, and it seems you need to checkout the Arturia's MIDIIN2 port for 'In All MIDI Inputs'  field in Cubase's MIDI Port Setup (see attached image).

I hope it resolves you issues, as it did with mine :-)


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