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Author Topic: Need help, cant download software.  (Read 480 times)


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Need help, cant download software.
« on: January 19, 2020, 07:29:43 pm »
Hi, i need your help, can you please send me on my email xajmonlp@gmail.com  the software and the Analog lab for Arturia Minilab MkII , im already registered on the Arturia site with xajmonlp@gmail.com mail but cant download it by my self. Guys please, can you help me with that? I just bought it today. Thx for answering


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Re: Need help, cant download software.
« Reply #1 on: January 19, 2020, 08:23:26 pm »
Hi  it looks like the server is down please try tomorrow.
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Re: Need help, cant download software.
« Reply #2 on: March 14, 2020, 04:17:04 pm »
FYI - I think Arturia has a CORS header issue that their CDN is requiring for at least certain assets.  Basically their CDN appears to be requiring the "Origin" header on download requests - even though it doesn't matter what value the "Origin" header has... it just needs to be on the requests.  Probably the Arturia Software Center is not supplying that header on its download requests... but certainly their web page is not because they have other CORS issues that are preventing "Origin" from being set on similar download requests.  I've opened a ticket with them drawing their attention to what I think are these issues.

WORKAROUND example on Mac command line (AnalogLab is the example here):
Get a command line Mac Terminal open ("Terminal" app). Or equivalent on Windows.

At the BASH prompt all one line (note the AnalogLab version in the path below is current as of when I'm writing this):

Code: [Select]
curl -H "Origin: xxx"    'http://downloads.arturia.net/products/analoglab/soft/Analog_Lab_4_4_1_2_3657.pkg' > ~/Downloads/Analog_Lab_4_4_1_2_3657.pkg
Now you should have the download file in your user's Downloads/ folder and can launch it manually from Finder!

To find what asset you should be requesting in lieu of the AnalogLab specific version above (which will likely change in the future), go to Arturia's download page ( https://www.arturia.com/support/downloads&manuals )  and right click on the appropriate product's download button and use that value for the AnalogLab version-specific link above in the "curl" command line request.


I'm having this issue from the US with AnalogLab update in particular.
It is failing both from "Arturia Software Center"  and from Arturia's web page.
I think they might have some CORS header issues with their download page and/or Software Center app that aren't putting the "Origin" on the requests to their content network.

It looks to me like at least for some assets, depending upon where you get redirected on the globe, Arturia's CDN is requiring the "Origin" header on the request -- apparently the value can be anything (but is likely expected to be "https://www.arturia.com")

So... from a command line (e.g. on Mac in Terminal)... this yields no download (zero bytes from the CDN):
curl  'http://downloads.arturia.net/products/analoglab/soft/Analog_Lab_4_4_1_2_3657.pkg' > /tmp/Analog_Lab_4_4_1_2_3657.pkg

But this works, downloading the content properly
curl -H "Origin: https://www.arturia.com" 'http://downloads.arturia.net/products/analoglab/soft/Analog_Lab_4_4_1_2_3657.pkg' > ~/Downloads/Analog_Lab_4_4_1_2_3657.pkg

You can do equivalent with other similar tools.  But the real fix should probably be Arturia fixing things at their end.

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Re: Need help, cant download software.
« Reply #3 on: March 16, 2020, 02:29:04 pm »
I exchanged emails with a kind soul at Arturia this morning; he relayed the info to the IT team and they were able to address whatever issues they had on the CDN.

I've tried downloading with & without the Origin HTTP header and both work for AnalogLab now from here in the US... and I just confirmed that AnalogLab v4.1.2.3657 installation is working from within Arturia Software Center now.



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