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Author Topic: Switch patterns whilst in record mode, like you can on an Ableton push.  (Read 1140 times)


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Hi there Arturia.

I noticed yesterday that I cant change patterns whilst in record mode. This seemed very counter intuitive to me. I was hoping to record a finger drummed pattern for a few bars, tweak the dials for a few more bars, then switch to a new empty pattern and repeat the process.

Switching patterns obviously works when not in record mode but it seems unnecessary that it doesn't also work whilst you're in record mode. To achieve the workflow above you would have to switch out of and back in to record mode just to jump to the next pattern which seems clunky and likely means you wont have 2 hands available for the first down beat of the second pattern.

I've made a video to demonstrate what I mean.

I was thinking maybe this could be global option configurable from the hardware or the midi control app?

It would be a great workflow improvement :)

I also started a discussion about it on GS
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