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I sent my new keystep back because of this bug and they sent it back saying they had fixed it. I tried it again and its worse than ever. The timing is all over the place and it just randomly drops notes. This thing is rapidly turning out to be my most disappointing hardware purchase ever. So much potential and it just will not work  >:(
KeyLab MkII - Technical issues / Re: Keylab Mk2 and Analog Lab V
« Last post by MoralezM on July 27, 2021, 08:39:58 pm »
I really appreciate this wonderful post that you have provided for us. I assure this would be beneficial for most of the people.
MiniBrute 2 - Technical Issues / Connections
« Last post by Redleg on July 27, 2021, 08:34:04 pm »
Hi all.. and greetings from Wales..

I have a microfreak, minibrute 2 and a volca drum..... can anyone help me in describing the best path to sync them all together?
Honestly, I love pigments and I've been using it a lot in the last months, but this is a small thing that matters more than it looks like. I don't really mind doing a quick conversion of the bpm to hertz and syncing it manually (and I can see why it would be hard to implement, since some conversions give too many decimal places for it to be entirely accurate, so it would need to sync to the DAW's signature, and that is difficult too), but just the fact that you can't even change the number of bars - purely visual implementation, no complex logic required - is a turn off for me, because drawing odd stuff (5 or 7 for example) on an even grid is the complicated part in my opinion. I come from Serum and it has that option of switching the grid size, even if you can't sync the reset trigger correctly, the pattern is drawn exactly the way you want it to be.

As I said, I love the product but I would like at least to be able to change the amount of bars in the drawing section.

Cheers!  :)
Technical Issues / Re: Arturia Plugins Take Too Long to Load
« Last post by MajorFubar on July 27, 2021, 04:38:37 pm »
I'm on a Mac and can confirm Arturia plugins take just a few seconds to load, something definitely wrong there.
Spark unfortunately hasn't been updated since it was last sold with V Collection 4 so it didn't receive the UI upgrade.

My totally personal opinion without the benefit of any inside knowledge is that it's verging on being 'abandonware'. The minute they stopped shipping it with V Collection I realised it was the beginning of the end.
Hi guys!
managed to solve this, using the aux out

1. Open the audifuse control software, select "daw" in the aux source (under analog out)
2. select out 7-8 on the send in the daw
3. get the signal back in the audiofuse from a free input

might need to pad the ins or to lower the volume of the send somewhere else tho, because as you guys said the signal gets in pretty strong
KeyStep Pro - General Discussions / MIDI Thru question
« Last post by albiedamned on July 27, 2021, 03:40:41 pm »
(I also posted this on MW but hopefully I'll get a good answer here)

I have a question about how MIDI Thru works in the 2.0 firmware. The manual says

MIDI OUT 2 can now be configured as a MIDI THRU port. When set to Thru, MIDI info received through the MIDI In or the USB port will be forwarded to MIDI OUT 2. You can set
this in the MIDI control center or from Utility>MIDI Settings.

Note: Information sent on the tracks input MIDI channels will be processed by the KeyStep Pro tracks. On the other hand, you can disable the tracks input MIDI channels to let the
signal pass through on all channels.   

So if I have track 1 configured to use MIDI channel 1, and I send MIDI notes to the KSP on channel 1, are they removed from the MIDI Thru data coming out of the KSP's MIDI Out 2? Or do they come out of both of the KSP's MIDI outputs?

I also have a related question: if I send MIDI to the KSP on channel 1 and the corresponding KSP track has its own data recorded in the sequencer, does the incoming MIDI get merged with what's in the sequencer?

In general, I am trying to figure out how to hook up the KSP so that I can control my synths with either the KSP or my DAW, without having to rewire things when switching. I can do that pretty easily with a separate MIDI merger box, which I already have. But the trick is that I want to also be able to use the KSP as a MIDI to CV converter when sequencing from the DAW, so I need the DAW's MIDI to always go through the KSP.
MicroBrute / MicroBrute to play both speakers
« Last post by Melita on July 27, 2021, 12:52:50 pm »
Hey Users,
I just bought the Microbrute - and i do love it!
I dont know if there is something i've totally missed, but when i plug my brute to my behringer DDM400 mixer which i connected through to my KRK Rokit 5 it only plays the Left speaker
I Connect the Brute with minijack to phono in channel 3 Line on my mixer.
Is there any way to connect it through the mixer and play both speakers?

Thank you,  Melita
General discussion on MiniBrute / CV INS AND OUTS
« Last post by Melita on July 27, 2021, 12:51:08 pm »
Are there any neat sounds that can be made by plugging any of the Minibrutes cv outs back into one of the ins? Would it be dangerous to try? Any ideas anyone?
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