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MatrixBrute - Technical Issues / Re: Is my mod wheel faulty
« Last post by JohnsHead on September 16, 2017, 05:58:38 pm »
Cheers. Yes I'll be patient. It's a unique and special synth.
Synclavier V - Feature Requests / Re: quantization and snapping
« Last post by bouz on September 16, 2017, 04:21:36 pm »
Sync with DAW for the Time Slices in 1/1 1/2  1/4  1/8  ect..... 
And this also for the envelopes
V-Collection / Re: I had to reinstall and..... UGH
« Last post by Dallon426 on September 16, 2017, 04:15:47 pm »
Yes, correct.  The right plugins load, however the wrong patches - it seems some are random and others just aren't there.  I don't usually tweak until the final stages of editing.  I just get a good sound I am after and record the basic song.  Then if I like I will edit more towards the end.  I am super frustrated because I have about 30 songs with different Arturia VST patches.  This happened when I moved to their new v collection and now again with this newer v collection. FML

I reset my computer because I did a Bios upgrade and my PC was acting strange after that.  But it is very odd all my other patches in every single VST instrument and effect have remained the same except for Arturia............
BeatStep Pro - Technical Issues / Re: Set notes on pads and keep them as default
« Last post by terrym on September 16, 2017, 04:01:41 pm »
Hi this is not possible as there are only 3 templates to work from but you can set your own in custom but its only 1 template

BeatStep Pro - Technical Issues / Re: Set notes on pads and keep them as default
« Last post by andre99 on September 16, 2017, 06:57:27 am »
I just tried this and it doesn't seem to work.

All I want to do is to change the notes the pads send out of the drum sequencer.
It works in controller mode but as soon as you switch out I lose them.
I know there has to be a way.


Beatstep Pro - General Discussions / Re: MIDI Routing - Sanity Check
« Last post by megamarkd on September 16, 2017, 06:22:13 am »
Does the TR-09 have a THRU port or an echo function on it's out port?  Without that you will not have anything the BSP does being passed to your two synths using the setup you are suggesting.  A better solution would be to run the BSP to the splitter then one output going to the TR-09 as well as the two synths.

Is it essential that the TR-09 is the time keeper?  Does the TR-09 send MIDI tempo data when not running itself?
You will need to have the TR-09 sending MIDI clock (tempo) to the BSP so that when you change the tempo on the TR-09 that will be reflected on the BSP and then have the BSP send it's notes etc onto the three instruments.
The BSP is a very stable clock these days, but still doesn't send clock when stopped, which can really mess with being it the master clock.  In the setup you are entertaining, the TR-09 will be the master clock, but if you want to run the sequencers on the synths while the BSP is stopped, they won't receive any tempo to lock to and won't run.  The BSP doesn't have MIDI THRU either, but that won't impact upon what you are wanting to do.

This all makes it sound like the BSP isn't what you want, but that is not the case.  MIDI is something which every maker does differently and there is no real standard on how the standard should be implemented.  One thing that Roland don't seem to think is important is MIDI THRU.  Putting a cheaper Roland device into a MIDI setup usually means it has to sit at the end of a chain, as more often than not they have no THRU port nor do they echo the MIDI they receive in on the output port.  Even my super-expensive, top of the line MV-8000 is missing a dedicated THRU port despite the fact it has two MIDI out ports.  To send MIDI beyond it, I need to enable MIDI THRU on one (or both) of the out's or employ a MIDI splitter and run a bypass line to continue data down the chain.

I thoroughly endorse the BSP in any MIDI/CV environment.  I'm considering a second that's how much I love the things, but to really make the most of one I'd suggest you do a bit of reading about MIDI.  Even if you decide not to get a BSP I'd suggest it.  Synths and drummachines and samplers and sequencers and fx and recording all revolve around it.  Yes there is CV and analogue sync and all that stuff from the 1970's, but even with the three different ideas what should be the MIDI standard, it's still way more streamlined across all companies than CV/Gate is; there is one way to sync MIDI using it's clocking system, not 5 (or more) that exist in the CV/Gate world for a start.

Read your manuals and try doing a MIDI setup with the instruments you own currently.  See if you can run the Bass Station 2's sequencer/arpeggiator out via MIDI onto your TB-03 (connect a MIDI cable from the BS2's MIDI out to the TB-03's MIDI in).  You will need to make sure the two synths are on the same channel so become familiar with how to change your instrument's MIDI channels.  Do the same with the TB-03's sequencer (reverse the connections so that the TB-03's out is running to the BS2's MIDI in).  Learn the way those machines send and receive MIDI.  For a bit of fun, set your Bass Station to channel 10 (MIDI's standard percussion channel, no matter what MIDI standard your machine adheres to) then send the TR-09 to it and listen to both at once.
KeyLab Essential - Technical Issues / Re: not working with studio one or sonar platinum
« Last post by Jehm on September 15, 2017, 09:51:12 pm »
Sorry for the late answer but i've been quite busy the Mackie Control mode in the Midi control center on my Mac and Keyboard (KLE 61) doesn't work..i had to put the HUI mode back again to have the DAW controls on Studio One 3..

Thanks for the help, i just hope this will be resolve soon..

Good evening, regards,

MatrixBrute - Technical Issues / Re: Is my mod wheel faulty
« Last post by DrJustice on September 15, 2017, 09:00:47 pm »
It's probably down to the national distributor, not Arturia as such - but dayum, I know your journey, and you should be immersed in this synth by now. Don't give up! I had to wait something like 4 months for delivery after launch, and it was totally worth it :)
MatrixBrute - Technical Issues / Re: Is my mod wheel faulty
« Last post by JohnsHead on September 15, 2017, 08:24:09 pm »
Been waiting for Arturia to send a replacement for a week. No synth, no news. Mod wheel still broken. Please don't make me regret this purchase Arturia. I love the synth.
Piano V - Feature Requests / Re: 3 Section EQ
« Last post by LBH on September 15, 2017, 03:57:56 pm »
Thanks for the elaboration Stefano.

Yes that require to be able to add a EQ to a preferable selectable keyboard section.
And perhaps a possibility to have crossovers between the sections too. But a note crossover i can imagine will be the hardest thing to do, if possible at all.

I too find it hard to get the overall sound i wan't in Piano V. I recognize your struggles.
But it can also be hard to control many EQ sections. It can also be hard or take time to master a Multiband Dynamics.

So i guess this also need a possibility to be able to choose if one wan't to use 1, 2 or 3 keyboard sections with a EQ on each. Then you don't have to make it too difficult to manage EQ, if you don't wan't to or need to. Also on off switches for each EQ (like for all other settings sections for that matter) - would be useful.

Technically it's possible to make frequency crossovers. That's quite normal. Also it's quite normal to split channels. This i think is done on the audio signal.

It's possible to use multiple plug-ins that each is set to only play a defined section, if your DAW or another plug-in can do this. In Studio One there is a input filter, so only notes in a set range is allowed thru. Each instance can then have it's own settings. I guess other DAWs have similar possibilities. I know it's not quite the same, but perhaps it' can be part of a workaround for now, to do what you wan't.
(A multisplit controller that send messages to different instances can give the same workaround  possibility)

A note split give a quite different effect from a frequency split because of the overtones. So i guess this technically can be about when there is a MIDI signal and when there is a Audio signal. I guess a note split like you wan't where the overtones of each section is kept needs to have the splits on the MIDI signal, before the signal turns to a audio signal. I wonder if this require more parameters than the EQ needs to be in 3 sections if they deal with audio signals.
I guess there can be some CPU and latency issues to overcome too. But i can imagine it's possible to do even if it might require more CPU power.

I also wonder if your struggles is about your liking of Piano Vs basic sound that it uses for modeling. Perhaps there are other possibilities than a 3 section EQ to obtain more sound possibilities.

Just my guesses, thoughts and inputs as a none technician.

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