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Analog Lab V / Linkin Park - Burn It Down Synth with Analog Lab V?
« Last post by Domihansa on September 13, 2021, 09:47:43 pm »
Hey guys,

I am using Analog Lab V + Ableton Live to try and recreate the synth sound of Linkin Park - Burn It Down as good as possible.

What I am looking for, is the synth sound right at the start of the song. You can listen to it in my attachment (original studio version) or try this link ( for a well-audible live version. The live version sounds slightly different, however still very similar.

My problem is: I don't even know where to start when trying to recreate this sound. It sounds like there is a bell or something "underneath" and a very scratchy, full-of-tremolo sound above. I'm not sure whether these are two separate sounds or one heavily processed sound.

As for the notes played, although I know the gist of the chords (Dm, C, F; Am, G, G) I am not sure if they play full-fledged chords or just with two notes. But with the right sound, it would be a LOT easier to figure out the exact tones.

If anyone could help me or give me a hint for the sound, I would be very thankful :) all the sounds from YouTube covers I saw are just awfully bad.

Thanks in advance, Dominik ;)
MicroFreak - Feature Requests / Re: Semitone keyboard transpose
« Last post by Sebhas on September 13, 2021, 07:24:43 pm »
Even when considered only as a standalone synth it would be great to have this feature. This keyboard is really fun to play, but small. If you come up with a pattern in B then that 2-octave keyboard becomes really limiting, as your root note is almost in the middle of it.
MF is capable of transposing the keys by octaves and has dedicated buttons for it. It seems like an easy upgrade to add semitone transposition with shift+Octave up or down. It could also be globally set on preset level. Just a thought
Keystep Technical questions / KeyStep & SQ1 sync
« Last post by jjank on September 13, 2021, 02:16:09 pm »
Hello everyone,

after searching for several weeks now it's still not clear to me whether I could reach the following two goals:

Syncing Arturia KeyStep (already in use) with Korg SQ-1 (still missing):

1. KeyStep controls a bi-timbral synth over 5-pole MIDI output <- works fine.
2. SQ-1 controls a Korg NTS-1 over 3.5 mm MIDI, both TRS-A <- should work.
3. Keystep and SQ-1 are connected over their 3.5 mm sync ports, KeyStep as the master <- should work.
4. KeyStep and SQ-1 each sending a sequence to their respective targets over MIDI, both incl. the MIDI clock signal, deriving from the 3.5 mm sync signal for the SQ-1.

What I understood so far:
a) The KeyStep can be switched to Korg compatibilty over the control software.
b) The KeyStep allows not only syncing over the 3.5 mm port but also sending START/STOP signals (to mark the bounderies of the sequence) IF a TRS cable is used; the KeyStep also allows connection over TS cable.
c) The SQ-1 has only a TS sync input. That allows syncing only without START/STOP. So it should be necessary to start a sequence on the SQ-1 manually.
d) The KeyStep doesn't send sync signals over the 3.5 mm connection when no sequence is running (not sure about that)

Any way that the two sequences not only run in the same pace but also begin at the same time?

SECOND GOAL (in addition to the first one)
KeyStep AND SQ-1 shall control the NTS-1 AND the bi-timbral synth:

1. SQ-1 sequence A triggers the NTS-1
2. SQ-1 sequence B triggers timbre 1 of the 2nd synth
3a. KeyStep sequence triggers timbre 2 of the 2nd synth
3b. alternatively KeyStep is used for free playing timbre 2 and/or playing 'over' timbre 1
4. a MIDI MERGER (Kenton MIDI MERGE, still  missing) accepts MIDI input from both the KeyStep and the SQ-1 and puts MIDI data out to both the NTS-1 and the second synth.

What I understood so far:
1. SQ-1 is able to output on 2 consecutive MIDI channels (e.g. 1+2) <- should work.
2. The bi-timbral synth is able to accepting data on 2 consecutive MIDI channels (e.g. 2+3) <- works fine
3. The MERGER will retain the channel information.
4. The MERGER is able to handle the START/STOP signals properly, i.e. making the input device the MIDI clock master which it first got a START signal from.
5. Two MIDI clock signals arrive at almost the same time (because of syncing over the 3.5 mm connection) is not an issue, because there will always be one ahead of the other, and if not, the MERGER is polling sequentially approx. every 10ms, so there will always be a 'winner'.

Same question as above +
Is there anything that speaks against doing it that way? Is there a better way?

All the best
PolyBrute - General discussions / When a new Polybrute firmware + connect update?
« Last post by esence on September 13, 2021, 01:59:08 pm »

I was one of the first polybrute users after a long waiting period. I love the synth!
Itís the best synth Iíve had, but.... it is quite buggy.

Iím pretty sure you are completely aware of it. Not only itself has bugs but the communication software. Since the launch there is no new update for both. Months without any new update.

Could you please tell me when should I expect an update ? (Iím sure you are on it). Thanks
I have the latest version of Ableton Live, Analog Lab V and a KeyLab 49 MK2.
When I add analog Lab to a Midi track in live and open it up, i only see the text Analog Lab in the center display. When i use the jog wheel, I can change the preset, but the preset does not show up in the display. Also if i use the buttons for Piano, Bass etc on the KeyLab, it changes to that type of preset but the the button does not light up. Seems like the Keyboard does not get data from Analog Lab software. In standalone mode it works. Theyt keyboard works otherwise and i can change parameters and play on it.

I found what some times when you in ableton 11 trying to triger settings on vst instrument changing to keylab essential and then swiching back, display starts working, but if you add some another midi track with some instruments from analog lab, dispaly works only with first added instrument. Thats wired, may be here is software bug?
Spark Users Community / Re: Is SparkLE DEAD?
« Last post by maax555 on September 13, 2021, 09:27:38 am »
So looks like the SparkLE is dead after all. However I looked online for a used one and found one which was a couple of hundred miles away. Therefore I downloaded the demo of Spark 2 just to make sure it was going to work well for me. I dont know if its me being unfamiliar with the software but I found it pretty unusable as a simple task of load sounds has you jumping in and out of different menu tabs. Loading times are poor compared to other VST's I have. I just found the whole thing so uninspiring. Well I guess this is why we try before we buy.
Analog Lab 4 - Technical issues / Re: Analog Lab 4 Mute Issues
« Last post by rafidmehedi on September 13, 2021, 05:42:45 am »
Yes now its working fine with the direct connection & this midi controller has no seperate power cables, its take the power direct from the USB connection. May be there was a problem in my USB external HUB which has a four USB 3.0 ports. Now its connected with directly to the CPU & i played several hours yesterday & there were no interruption / any mute issues. Thank you for all your queries and support.
KeyStep 37 - General Discussions / Standalone Audio
« Last post by jocdc88 on September 13, 2021, 03:59:38 am »
I have the Keystep37 connected through USB to my PC while using Ableton Live Lite 11 and get to hear the audio through my PC.  I plan to get some external hardware (such as volca) to be ableto connect to this controller. I also plan to purchase the Beatstep Pro soon.  What I wanted to know was, what did I need (regarding audio) to be able to play standalone and also record.  What cables and hardware did i need? (Audio interface recommended etc)?

I am new to this, have seen several videos regarding setups but never see audio discussed.
Well, I fixed my encoder problem by giving up trying to fix my encoder problem.

I finally just started started over from scratch. I created a new template in the Midi Control Center and set up all the encoders again, and then created a new map in MPC Beats and mapped the encoders to the Q-Links all over again. Everything is working as expected now.

I still donít know what settings could produce the odd behavior I reported  the other day. I spent hours trying to adjust my controller settings and midi maps, with no effect. It  might just remain a puzzle!

Keystep Technical questions / playing the arpeggiator with an external midi keyboard
« Last post by r2d2 on September 12, 2021, 10:11:25 pm »
I'd like to be able to use an external midi keyboard to play the keystep arpeggiator. However, this is apparently not possible. If I play a new chord on the external keyboard, this just transposes the existing arp pattern.

Is there a way to truly play the arpeggiator on an external keyboard and not just transpose the key of the existing pattern?
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