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KeyLab MkII - General Discussions / Re: Analog lab display in Abelton live
« Last post by Rolo on July 31, 2021, 08:35:38 am »
Have this problem too. Analog Lab 4 works fine. Not sure what the issue is.
Not working either with me...
MiniBrute / Re: Sticky plastic
« Last post by djerzinski on July 31, 2021, 08:16:47 am »
Nice to know, I'll see if I can find this product at the store.
I'm guessing the faders are 100% in that bad plastic material. Would it be possible to put some lacker on it or something?
Pigments - Feature Requests / Re: Request: clear theme for GUI
« Last post by djerzinski on July 31, 2021, 08:12:17 am »
Or just alternative themes in general. It's ironic that it's called Pigments, but that aspect has not been touched upon yet.
I'm not complaining about the theme we have now, it looks really nice, but I think it'd look cool in green or orange for example.
MatrixBrute - General discussions / Re: MB Sequencer and Arp to Modular
« Last post by Brady5 on July 31, 2021, 07:14:26 am »
Squarp Instruments Hermod eurorack sequencer (white) Hermod modular brain. The 8-track sequencer & interface for your eurorack system.
KeyLab MkII - General Discussions / Re: VEGAS MODE NOT WORKING
« Last post by Rolo on July 31, 2021, 06:34:41 am »
What is vegas mode?
KeyLab MkII - General Discussions / Re: Analog lab display in Abelton live
« Last post by Rolo on July 31, 2021, 06:30:31 am »
Same issue, and the buttons below the faders for instrument selection do not light really, you're working in the dark.  One of the reasons i bought this so i would not have to look at computer screen so much :(
PolyBrute - Technical Issue / DAW sync tempo drift early after pressing play
« Last post by dpfranz on July 31, 2021, 01:54:05 am »
I'm using Presonus Studio One 5 as my DAW. I have PB Connect working well, but when I record a sequence of midi events in S1, then play them back (triggering Polybrute from events in in DAW track), it takes like 2-3 bars for Polybrute to settle down to the tempo the DAW is set to. Even if PB tempo is already set to the same value as that of the DAW, it will wonder around a bit (+/- a few bpm).

This causes problems because it makes not only timing oddness, but pitch is off, too, until Polybrute tempo settles down to that of the DAW, usually within a couple seconds, but in that couple seconds, things can sound pretty sour.

I've tried setting Clock on the PB to different values (One step, 24PPQ, 48PPQ...) No effect.

Anyone else have this issue?
Spark unfortunately hasn't been updated since it was last sold with V Collection 4 so it didn't receive the UI upgrade.

My totally personal opinion without the benefit of any inside knowledge is that it's verging on being 'abandonware'. The minute they stopped shipping it with V Collection I realised it was the beginning of the end.

Thanks for the response and for your insight. Even at 50% off, it seems expensive for abandonware, so I'll hold off for now ;)
... but for me worked :)
Both standalone and plugin loads now fast as expected.
In regards to recording pitch bend, mod wheel, and aftertouch data, I have been told that there may be memory limitations that would make that difficult. And also that the sequencer, being a "step" sequencer, can't send data continuously. Even tho Control Mode records CC data, and CC stands for Continuous Control.
So, seriously. How much RAM/storage does the KSP have? How limited is it? RAM is incredibly cheap, so I see no reason Arturia would skimp on that. Or did you?
MIDI data is inherently small. Takes up very little space. CC data is only 8-bit and PB, MW, and AT are 14-bit. VERY VERY little data. We're talking a few hundred kilobytes for a complete classical work in MIDI including all the instruments and control data for those instruments.
Soooo .... How is it even REMOTELY possible that memory could be a potential issue in recording such data? What, did you only put a couple megs in this thing? If so, shame on you! If not, then what's the problem? Is the data not stored as standard MIDI data and in some proprietary format instead? Why would you do that? That would be a ridiculous design decision.

Furthermore, regarding being a "step" sequencer and thus not being able to actually send continuous data.
Okay. Um ..... Well ... If we record notes without quantize on, it'll record EXACTLY as played. Not directly on the beat. This means that the data storage of notes is granular. I.E.- The data is not simply stored "per step." There are many many tinier divisions of each step. If this weren't true, then quantize mode wouldn't matter. All notes would be triggered on the beat.
As such, it makes zero sense that the KSP wouldn't be able to send continuous data. (See above regarding what "CC" means)

Finally, why are you ignoring the KSP so much? It's almost like you're embarrassed by it, when it could be one of your flagship products. HELL! You pushed the KeyStep 37 harder than you've pushed the KSP. WTAF.
Perhaps you should fire the KSP design team and put the original designers of the original KeyStep and BeatStep products on it. Why you didn't do that in the first place boggles my mind.

I have repeatedly defended Arturia. I have many Arturia products and, in general, am quite happy with them.
The way you've been treating the KSP tho .... Like it's some "problem child" that you'd rather not deal with. It's aggravating as hell. Seriously!! It took a year to get the 2.0 firmware out, which then broke several things. What, is it gonna be another year before there's another REAL firmware update? 2.0.1 doesn't count since it's pretty much just a bug fix.

Get on the ball here Arturia. WTAF. C'mon. You're a major company and there is ZERO excuse for this crap.  >:(
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