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just been back and tried it in standalone with machine its doing the same thing - no effects and no reverb ?
Yes version is the latest version of Prophet V2.

Are you using computer keyboard?
Are you using Hold pedal?

Are you using any plug-ins like Reverb or others?
BeatStep Pro - Technical Issues / Re: Firmware UpDate
« Last post by SiVa on Today at 04:57:48 pm »
I made it! ;D

when error appears (device not recognized), you have to move in this way:

1) press ok without unplug the BSP (MMC will say is impossible to update firmware)
2) when all windows of error finish, turn off and on the BSP
3) once turned on BSP goes in Upd mode and finally you can successfully update the firmware!

actually happens with a few patches been trying some random ones  to see
other patches are fine playing and recording in bitwig?
works fine in standalone and also via machine 2 - i have also tried recording chords into machine and its fine - there is not processing in bitwig all very odd ?

version 2.7.0
Is it hanging notes? Sound like that to me.
It don't happen here. I'm not using Bitwig. But hanging notes can happen with many applications caused by different things.
Do you have the same issue with other Prophet V2 presets?
Do you have the issue using Prophet V2 in standalone mode?
Do you have the latest update of your discontinuet Prophet V2? What version do you use?
What keyboard controller do you use?
Do have any automation going on in Bitwig?
Sounds like you have edited the sound somehow. How?

ok just made this to show whats happening :



Have you tried to set the release  - point 4 - lower in the Amplifier envelope and perhaps also in the Filter envelope at the same time?

You can try to explain what you mean by "rumble". The only thing i would call rumble come from the release time.

Also you can try to attach a video. You can attach some files. Look below the writting field when you write a reply.
But you can also post a link for a video or soundfile you publish somewhere else.
yes thats the patch - i have tried playing around in modulation and envelop section but no joy - is there any way to post video on here ?
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