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PolyBrute - Feature requests / Re: Filter drive
« Last post by Adolfjr on August 01, 2021, 02:35:28 am »
Could we please have an option to drive the filters a bit harder. I appreciate this is on the MatrixBrute and was left off the Poly due to the morphing having a more constant level. But if it were an option in the settings, it would be great. Those filters sound great when feeding high levels into them and would give us more options for making dirty sounds with analog distortion.

Im just responding to your post because I want this as well.
PolyBrute - Feature requests / Allow Knob Turning When Local is Turned OFF
« Last post by Adolfjr on August 01, 2021, 02:29:20 am »
I might not have bought this synth if I knew I couldn’t use it as the master keyboard for my Hermod, playing sequences in on one midi channel and sending sequences to other synths on other midi channels.

Please oh please fix this!
I recently updated to the latest version of Pigments 3. The standalone version works beautifully. The VSTi/VST3i versions, however, are sluggish and the LFOs and envelopes only update every 2 seconds or so. I am using Reaper v6.32 on Mac Mojave10.14.3 and a Focusrite Scarlett 18i8. The VSTi and VST3i both worked fantastic prior to this update.

Any ideas?
I am using Studio One 5 and got most of the functions to work except two challenges. In DAW mode I cannot get Undo to work. It also does not let me use my computer to undo, so doing drum tracks is impossible. I cannot see where I should program it, even in the Midi Control Center. Is there a certain CC that I need to change it to? Please should be a relatively easy fix I am thinking. Also, when I look at my MIDI monitor in DAW mode, a continuous stream of MIDI messages keeps playing, with B6 and aftertouch. Please advise.
Anyone know how to set this correctly on a Keylab 49 MK11 - it just doesn't seem to work at all for me!
KeyLab Mkii - Feature Requests / Re: Permanent backlight glow for controls
« Last post by CoupeChris on July 31, 2021, 05:37:52 pm »
I have a MK11 KeyLab 49 and this pads backlight control does not seem to work at all?
Has anyone tried to get this always on function to work?
I ca only get the pads to light on Toggle, rather than Gate, but as soon as you press the pad it turns the backlight off of course.
Anyone with any ideas?
KeyStep Pro - Feature Requests / Re: Auto-Chain Patterns while Recording
« Last post by Andrew Henderson on July 31, 2021, 02:32:11 pm »
Very interesting idea.  I am not sure how it would work, but it is neat and could certainly be found useful.
KeyStep Pro - Feature Requests / Auto-Chain Patterns while Recording
« Last post by Lonzo5 on July 31, 2021, 12:29:50 pm »
I propose a method of lengthening step recordings by allowing the recording to automatically advance into the next pattern once the current one has elapsed.

It would be armed by holding Chain and pressing Pattern, at which point  both buttons would light up or begin to flash.  A "Track Contains Existing Patterns-- Overwrite?" Warning would display if there were already patterns after the selected one.  I feel like this would need to be a per-track feature in order to avoid confusion.

Once recording is started after Auto-Chain has been armed, the current pattern of the selected track will begin recording as normal.  Once that pattern is full, the next pattern will begin recording with the same settings. 

Once all patterns are full, the sequencer will loop back to the first selected pattern for overdubbing or overwriting.  Once recording has ended, Auto-Chain will disarm, and the normal Chain mode will contain all of the recorded patterns.

This would open the door to a ton of new possibilities.  Instead of 64 step patterns we would now have the ability to continuously record performances up to 1024 steps in length.  Anyway, that's my idea.  I think it could add a whole new dimension to the KSP if implemented properly.
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