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iMini / Re: Program changes from external controller?
« Last post by MomotaroLow on Today at 11:00:53 am »
e program changes. what am review
nough from the start or you will have trouble getting
MicroBrute / Re: Only left working with the Line Out of the Microbrute
« Last post by Natrob on Today at 10:51:10 am »
Thank you very much for your reply, it helps me.
Hi waycroft,
  • Can you unlock it if you touch it and release it again?
  • Try to set this option "MIDI Send/Receive" to "No" in the MIDI Control Center

Solution of my problem ?
KeyStep / Re: Arpeggiator
« Last post by Tomcat6997 on Today at 06:46:22 am »
Ok good to know, thanks for the info.  :)
MiniLab MKII / Start up on a custom template
« Last post by arvidt on Today at 03:23:59 am »

I appreciate the flexibility of the MiniLab in making custom templates to map the knobs and pads to MIDI controllers, but I want the MiniLab to start up on a particular custom template (or even just the last template used) and it seems there is no way to do that. It always starts up on template 1 which is not editable. This seems like a major oversight to me.  :( The last thing I need is another step to remember to do while setting up my already complex rig for a performance.

Since the MiniLab II definitely has non-volitle memory to save the templates, I see no engineering reason why it could not remember what template it was using when last shut down, or a user setting as to which template to always use at boot.

If that's not possible in the current firmware, is there at least a way to send it a MIDI message so I can have my Max patch set the MiniLab it to a particular custom template at launch? I've tried program change messages, but to no avail.

Also, is there a way to control the LEDs in the pads via MIDI? This would be very handy too.

weird, i thought that knobs worked in preset mode too, tried multiple times the other day prior to posting this and wasn't working for me.
Keystep Technical questions / keystep just plain not powering on
« Last post by jshipp on October 22, 2017, 11:54:33 pm »
Hi Folks-

Not entirely sure why to do here: have been using my Keystep for some months, sometimes with mini usb to wall wart situation, sometimes with 9v power adapter. Yesterday I plugged it into my powered usb hub to practice for a few hours, worked fine. Got to the gig and plugged it in to usb wall wart and nothing, no lights, no midi info.  Lookedfor the on/off switch, but there isnít one (right?)

Have since gotten home and tried every source that has successfully powered it in the past. No luck. It wasnít stressed in any way on the way to the gig.  I did update the firmware yesterday (to 10.4.1) and it worked fine after, but now I canít get MIdI control center to recognize it (I was wondering if the lights were somehow out, but that doesnít seem to be the case.

Please advise: need a keystep for a fast-approaching tour, but donít want to buy another and have this happen again...
V-Collection / Re: V Collection 5 not working with NI KK NKS
« Last post by LBH on October 22, 2017, 10:08:19 pm »
None of the Arturia plugins appear in the Native Instrument's Konplete Kontrol list. I've re-scanned numerous times within the free-standing version of KK to no avail. I'm using the new KK MK2 hardware. What's going on here?
Hi and welcome to Arturi forums.

I don't use Komplete Kontrol hardware. But i do have Komplete Kontrol software. I don't normally use that software. But my Arturia plugins and presets do show up and can be selected, loaded and used in the Komplete Kontrol Software.
I have it working both as standalone and plugin.

Are you sure you have set the correct paths to your Arturia plugins in Komplete Kontrols Preferences?
I don't think Komplete Kontrol support VST3. If that's still the case and nothing have changed in the last 4 months, then you'll need a path for the VST2 versions, and if you use VSTs.

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