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Ok so my studio computer specs are as follows, this is the computer I'm noticing the audio artefacts on the most:

OSX 10.10.4 - Yosemite

Processor - 4.3 Ghz Intel Core i7

Memory - 32 GB 1866 MHz DDR3

Graphics - NVIDEO GeForce GTX 750 1023MB

My Macbook Pro doesn't display audio artefacts quite as badly, but they are still noticeable, Macbook Pro specs:

Macbook Pro Retina 2015

OSX 10.11.6 - El Capitan

Processor - 2.5 GHz Intel Core i7

Memory - 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3

Graphics - Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB

Audio artefacts occur when dragging the Filter Freq with mouse, they occur with smooth, straight automation lines that I have draw in Bitwig 2 which is my DAW. The artefacts also can be heard when using my Arturia Keylab to control the Filter Freq. Hope this helps.

I'm jumping into the studio shortly, so I can record a WAV of the artefacts as I twist the filter frequency knob. I'll upload for your benefit.

Thanks :)
Analog Player Technical Issues / Re: Presets Crash my Cubase 7
« Last post by Walterrruiz on Today at 11:36:01 am »
But almost the same thing happens in my case even though I run Cubase 9.5 Pro. Diversity is that I can load it in a new project and as the first VST. It loads pretty fast but if I try loads it in a already started project. It first starts to think before it crashes and Cubase hangs. Itís a bummer since I loved to play around with it in the demo that worked like a charm. So I guess it has great to do with the network list. Something since that is the only thing that is unlike now than when I ran the demo. I thought it was better to buy it directly up from the shop than from the buy or sell forum or the rent to buy option. Now I should have gone with the last two options since I get very unhappy. When things you buy donít work after you done what you can to check if it does or not. It actually crashed the first time I tried to activate my license but second time it worked. I may add that I work offline with my computer. It should have asked for offline registration or something. But as it does this even when Iím online it makes me wonder what has gone wrong. Your computer system meets or beats least system requirements. Your software uses plug-ins and video drivers are friendly. Also check whether installed and updated to the latest versions. The hardware drivers are dongle MIDI. The audio are compatible installed and updated to the latest versions. Background running applications are minimized to optimize system act and reduce clashes. Knowing how Cubase/Nuendo operates and then following these plans. These are vital parts for maintaining a trustworthy music production system.
MiniBrute / Minibrute 2S or straight into Eurorack?
« Last post by Michaeljones on Today at 11:26:01 am »
Ever since the Minibrute 2S was announced, I've wanted one. I love the patchbay, the sequencer and the superior modulation options compared to my Microbrute. I'm also more than okay with the Brute sound. I also liked the idea of maybe one day getting into Eurorack from there. Now the 2S's release day is finally almost there and I'm ready to buy. However, the other day I went to Schneidersladen for the first time and what can I say, I'm somewhat hooked. Eurorack is awesome. Since then I'm thinking about taking the 650Ä and getting directly into Eurorack, skipping the 2S and using the Microbrute as a gateway, with the keybed and the MIDI/CV converter. I think with that budget I could get (or build) a decent case, PSU and some cheaper modules on the used market. And start a Eurorack journey. Now... what would you do? Hints and opinions much appreciated.
BeatStep / Looking at an Arturia BeatStep, thoughts?
« Last post by Michaeljones on Today at 11:24:49 am »
So I've been working on some minimal electronic stuff with some friends and I was considering picking up the Arturia BeatStep. I'm looking to do some Tangerine Dream style sequencing, particularly from the mid 70s to early 80s period. Would the BeatStep lend itself to this style? I'm open to looking at other options, but it would have to be in a similar price range (I don't think anything like that exists though.) So what do you think?
Hi wbonx,
There is no new feature included and it fixes half the bugs the machine has.
Which bug is remaining?


I have posted in the beta forum a nasty bug in pattern chaining that i hope gets fixed

Beatstep Pro - General Discussions / Re: Beatstep pro midi in
« Last post by terrym on Today at 10:29:34 am »
Come on guys . Simple answer yes you can  just set the midi channel on your keyboard to the same as the sequencer channel you want to record to press play and record on the bsp .
If its not working how do you have it setup


Hi All,   what are you expecting in an update may i ask.  i know there are some small bugs to iron out but as far as i know nothing is planned for the near future or i haven't been told of a possible update.


You have to set the KeyLab MKII as an MCU (Mackie Control) device inside Sonar. Use the 2nd MIDI Port of the KeyLab in the In and Out section. Then on your KeyLab MK2 set the DAW Mode to MCU (long press on the DAW button to change the mode).


KeyLab MkII - General Discussions / Re: Keylab MK II MMC
« Last post by Matt Arturia on Today at 09:57:23 am »

The transport buttons only send MCU/HUI data, they are not customizable at the moment. Maybe we will change that in a futur update but as for today I don't know what will be done (a feature request is logged about this subject in our database).


I think this seems on the right track.

There is a very similar effect with Serum but for me it seems slightly more musical and less grating to my ear. Maybe it has a finer resolution for the steps?

Do you think this is an issue where in general you can't really do filter sweeps with comb filters because harmonics are being created and destroyed in a 'steppy' way that can't really be smoothed?  :-\

It isn't something I have used before and I only noticed it by playing around with the options and controls.  :)

Pigments seems to encourage that in a creative artistic type way! I am enjoying it. It is NOT a Pig in a Poke!!  ;D
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