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Community / stainless steel sunglasses manufacturers
« Last post by monieyewear on Today at 12:00:56 pm »
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Same issue with minilab3  Candy Crush
Bought it brand new- a week ago, plugged it once and used it a few times. it stopped showing up anywhere now with same error on midi center. 
I got amd hardware, if i figure out the thing i will let you guys know as well
It won't work.
OK, I think I might need to back up a few steps and work out just how my rig is supposed to function.  :)

I - and my entire physical rig including the two Yamaha KX controllers - predate General MIDI and I've honestly never worked with it.

I'd been going by this legend printed on top of both KXes:

But there's also this table at which I presume is probably also pre-GM but I assume was folded into it. I guess that the defaults for things like pitch/mod wheel, sustain pedal, and the like in the Arturia plugins follow GM and I need to make sure that the other hardware follows that to avoid having to rework all the plugins in Collection V individually.

That depend on if and how your DAW route audio to instrument plugins.
B-3 V2 - Technical Issues / Re: Removing virtual "amp hum"
« Last post by LBH on Today at 12:39:52 am »

In the MOD section/ MIX you find a Background Noise parameter. This set the noise level. The setting is saved and recalled with a preset.
In the Filters-Amplifier Tutorial it discusses Filtering External Audio.  I was able to patch Ext Out to the External In.  However, it says, "Then in your DAW, route audio from another track to the plug-in's audio input.".  I'm really not sure how to do that.  I tried some different things, but it didn't work.
I had a loop playing in another channel, and I wanted to process it through the MS 20 V filter as described in the tutorial.
« Last post by jtronic on March 20, 2023, 09:50:06 pm »
Came here to bump and support this! I am looking for this exact feature, as I'm not drumming on my minilab 3 at all.
B-3 V2 - Technical Issues / Removing virtual "amp hum"
« Last post by humanjuke81 on March 20, 2023, 09:42:42 pm »
I feel dumb for having to ask because there HAS to be a way, but how do I get rid of the amp hum when I am not playing an actual note?
Keylab Essential - Tips & Tricks / Como configurar o pedal de sustain Roland DP 10 no Arturia Keylab 61
« Last post by Marcelo Fernandes on March 20, 2023, 09:00:06 pm »
O pedal de sustain Roland DP 10 não funciona corretamente no Arturia Keylab 61. É possível alterar a polaridade no setup do Arturia Keylab 61? Se sim, como faço isso?
Analog Lab V / Re: Midi knob assignment via Studio One does not change the sound
« Last post by LBH on March 20, 2023, 08:44:10 pm »

Yes unfortunately the Analog Labs GUI knobs and faders you show at the buttom of your image does'nt work with Studio One's Control Link when assigning a hardware knob using Control Link.
I don't understand, why this has'nt been fixed yet.
Control Link work with some other parameters, but that's not enough. Especially not when using AL MULTIES.

There is another thread in the forums about this with more details here:

There is also a thread about this issue in Presonus Forum.
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