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KeyLab Essential - Technical Issues / Re: knob values jumping
« Last post by inhumantis on Today at 01:04:33 pm »
Facing this problem for almost half a year now. I have tried everything I could find on the internet.

Its really embarrassing for a company like Arturia to ship products with a flaw like that. People are complaining about this issue for two years now, almost to the date!
Does anybody know whether this is a software issue or worn-out hardware?

PS: Turning acceleration off doesn't help. At this point the keyboard is absolutely useless. If there is no fix soon, I'll return my device and get a Native Instruments Kontrol. Or just anything else.
I recently started to dig into my Spark LE and found that many functions have been introduced since its inception, which greatly improve the interaction between the controller and the software. Unfortunately the current Spark manual is rather outdated, covering only Spark v2.1.0, while we are now at v2.4.0.
So, I wonder if anybody already collected a list of undocumented features (for example, Select + step 12 for Accent mode), which I could find here on the forum but not elsewhere. If not, I'm working on that for myself while learning how to use my Spark LE, and I'll be happy to share here (a sticky post would be optimal I guess).
Of course, best of all would be if Arturia updated the Spark manual, or at least added a document with updated / additional functions that have been implemented through the years...
AudioFuse - General discussions / Re: Audiofuse and usb-c
« Last post by Lavoce85 on Today at 10:58:44 am »
Thank you for your answer, i was asking in terms of power (and to use less cables/hubs/adapters) because the cable i found can send 5v 3a of power and i was wondering if it was a suitable alternative to the double usb-a port.

I am having skipping problems with a number of the encoders on my Beatstep Pro.  The values are skipping all over the place when a few encoders are rotated, and sometimes glitching when left at certain positions. Some of the faulty encoders are those used to set pitch (30-detent ones) and some are the non-detent type (Swing and Rate/Fine encoders).

It is definitely a hardware issue, as my other Beatstep Pro with the same same Firmware version works fine.

Do any of you know high quality replacement part numbers for these (Bourns/ALPS) for purchasing online?

hi , i have the same problem as bobsterz , my keylab essential 61 worked perfectly with analog lab 4 , ableton and uvi workstation ,
today however , none of those seems to be connected with it , i tried different midi channels different preset in the midi control center nothing , the midi control center midi console shows that midi input are indeed recognize ,the keys , the sliders pots everything , so how is it than none of the software mention above seems to pick up any input while being on the same midi channel with the inputs clearly working in the midi center ,i did a factory reset , just to make sure i updated all the software through arturia software management app , im lost  :'(

oh last thing my korg monologue is working flawlessly with all the software mention above and vcv rack through usb midi so can't be windows or midi drivers :(

very last thing , after i tested the korg monologue in every app while writing this message , i tried plugin the keylab with analogue lab but not with the midi center open , and it worked ??? , apparently no other app can be open while the arturia midi control center is open , problem solved for me :o :)
Turning off transport in MCC only disables the transmission of MMC transport messages and MIDI CC's that some DAW's use to receive transport messages with.  It won't disable actual MIDI Real Time Messages.  You will have to find a way to make your other equipment ignore MIDI RTM's.  I know with Volca you can set them to Internal Sync and they will not act on any RTM's but don't know about the others.  And yes, running the KeyStep in slave mode will disable MIDI RTM's being transmitted by it's transport controls, but you will need to set it to MIDI THRU mode to pass on the MIDI clock message from your microKorg, though you will still have transport messages being sent from your microKorg being passed also.
From what I can see in MCC and the manual for Keystep (version 1_1_0) for a KORG (dont know which Korg device or whether it's all Korg models,) in MCC, set the SYNC CLOCK IN/OUT SETTINGS to "1 PULSE (KORG)" which is a special sync clock used by Korg devices.

Also, the NEXT SEQ setting can be set to "Instant Reset" (Whether this has anything to do with external syncs or not, I don't know since I don't have an external device to try this on)

On page 71 of the keystep manual, there's something about the "ARM TO START" setting in the MCC - There might be something of interest in the shaded rectangle (Paragraph) about the keystep continuing with the external clock etc.

Worse case is that you send a request to Arturia for help in configuring it.
Spark Users Community / Re: Spark LE Swing Function?
« Last post by noou on Today at 02:08:46 am »
I've read in the various update logs that the Select + Tempo shortcut was introduced in v2.1.1. It's a shame that Arturia never updated or at least provided an add-on for the existing manual.
Spark Technical Issues / Re: Accent and Shuffle
« Last post by noou on Today at 01:39:37 am »
Why the Select + 12 is not mentioned in the manual? I cannot find a manual add on anywhere...
Also, how is the shuffle controlled?

useless to take this further

some makers actually discuss new features with their users, some don't
some need only a feature request section, others need additional tickets and even then don't discuss the requests with the users

different ways to do it

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