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Buchla Easel V - Technical Issues / Re: sequences won't stop
« Last post by Kevin R on Today at 04:29:07 am »
an easy way to stop a sequence once it's started!
Any individual personal VC6 upgrade offers?

Mine is probably the same as yours, 199.00 to upgrade from version 5. I just did it. Been messing around with the Easel and going over it's manual. I find it very captivating. It's so unusual. I wanted to buy it and thought I would for 99 dollars and also the 20 dollar update to the pianos but then realized that at 199 dollars for the whole thing then the other three synths only cost about 27 dollars each. So why not.
Matrix 12 V2 - Feature Requests / Re: LFO Speed MIDI sync?
« Last post by LBH on Today at 04:28:09 am »
You can MIDI sync clicking on the square next to the LFO speed button.
Then use retrigger mode. You need to go to page 2 to enable the retrigger mode.
A problem can be, that the LFOs is polyphonic. So what you perhaps can need for your sounds beside this, is the possiblity to have the LFOs run in a monophonic mode, like i have requested here:

The Vibrato work in monophonic mode but unfortunately can't be MIDI speed synced.
Matrix 12 V2 - Feature Requests / LFO Speed MIDI sync?
« Last post by spride on Today at 03:44:34 am »
I was looking in vain, then reading the manual in vain, for a way to sync the LFO speed to the MIDI tempo (1/4, 1/8 etc). This is a feature on other Arturia synths - can it not be a standard feature across all of them? Consider a monophonic bass with sample and hold (actually Random) LFO controlling the VCF frequency. You will almost always want it synced to tempo but it's so hit and miss with the current implementation.
DX7 V - Feature Requests / Re: Suggestion to have a algorithm table/ menu.
« Last post by Summa on Today at 01:04:54 am »
Due to the feedback per Operator we already have some Algorithms that are virtually identical. Counting in the DX compatible monophonic LFOs, it would be nice to have at least additional routing abilities to be able to use Modulators as LFOs properly. If you want to keep it simple it doesn't have to be as free as on the FM8 or as elaborated as on the TG77, having the possibility for additional destinations per Modulator without changing the carrier/modulator relation of the algorithm should do for quite some purposes, that way the connections should stay pretty much overseeable.
ARP2600 V3 - Technical Issues / Re: Polyphonic mode behavior
« Last post by jeffbart on Today at 12:36:22 am »
Yes, did the same for me, including any audio output (e.g. VCF out)  going into the mixer out input. Only the first of 'n' notes will get played. Similarly for the VCF out into VCA input  (under 'Mixer'). Odd behaviour when the slider is e.g. halfway. Only one note appears to be passed through directly. Unfortunately I don't know this section of the 2600 well enough to know if it's meant to do this, or not !
2.2.0 1183 this is still a bug - control values do not appear until clicking on them, then they persist when the cursor moves to another control.

Logic 10.3.3
OS 10.12.6
cheers Jeff
Matrix 12 V2 - Technical Issues / Re: Problem with reassign mode
« Last post by jeffbart on December 15, 2017, 11:49:15 pm »
+ 1
Matrix 12 V2 - Technical Issues / Re: Modulation destination list image corrupted
« Last post by jeffbart on December 15, 2017, 11:42:12 pm »
2.2.0 1183 has this bug still.

cheers Jeffrey
SEM V2 - Feature Requests / Audio Input
« Last post by masi on December 15, 2017, 10:47:06 pm »
I would like to have input like the original hardware so I can use SEM as an "extension module" eg after a Mini Moog. The real hardware had two audio inputs and a knob two blend in one of them. The software synth has instead a knob that blends in the sub oscillator or noise generator. I'd be great to see an option to replace either the sub or the noise with an external input.

Thanks for the site, it's filled with a lot of handy information. Reading this helped me a lot.
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