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Yeah, the delay is very wrong. After about three or four repeats the echo just turns into a click
As the MicroBrute is monophonic - meaning it can only play one note at a time - I am not sure there would be much point in trying to play a separate part on the keyboard as the synth engine would already be running at full capacity. When the MicroBrute's internal sequencer is playing, the keyboard can be used to change the key of the sequence. If you're running it from an external sequencer, playing the keyboard would disrupt the sequence - sometimes in a good way such as adding occasional variations, but sometimes in a bad way that won't sound right at all. It's one of those things you can try, though, without anything breaking. :-)
Very strange issue... Could you tell us more about it ?
What version did you have before ?
V-Collection / Re: [Windows 10] V Collection 5 update crashes Reaper
« Last post by ben arturia on Today at 02:56:59 pm »
I don't have such problem here.
Please scan again your VSTs with reaper and let us know.
V-Collection / Re: Sloooooow download....
« Last post by ben arturia on Today at 02:55:35 pm »
Strange coincidence indeed !
Problem solved. Sorry for the slow download guys but we didn't expect so much people at the same time !
V-Collection / Re: Problem after upgrading Collection V
« Last post by ben arturia on Today at 02:53:31 pm »
Hi guys,

Could you please check if the vst is properly installed in the same folder as before ?
Do you use standard VST 2 path ? C:\Program Files\Vst ?
You can test also to scan again your plugin in Live. This does the trick for some users here.

Spark Technical Issues / Re: Spark LE pads double triggering
« Last post by heavyfunkmachin on Today at 12:02:25 pm »
Same Issue!!

Any official reply?
MicroBrute / Re: mbseq files?
« Last post by Jack Pimiento on Today at 08:17:25 am »
So you want to download sequences made by other people so you can import them into the Microbrute using the connection software?

Or maybe I'm missing something here?

The connection software makes it very easy to export the mbseq file to your desktop. The online sequence editor allows you to create your own sequences and copy the text needed for that sequence so you can then paste it into mbseq text file.

it will look something like this.

1:55 x 58 x 62 x 55 x 58 x 54 x x x x x 70 x 69 x x x x x 70 x 69 x x x 67 x
2:51 x 58 x 63 x 49 x 53 x 49 x x x 63 x
3:60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60

and so on...

Make sure there isn't a space after the last note number or rest.

Then import the new mbseq file to the MB using the connection software.

Spark Users Community / Re: RIP Spark? Hey Arturia WHAT is wrong?
« Last post by 019297 on Today at 08:06:22 am »
I think a lot of users do not want/need new spark features. We just want the original plan/idea to work 100% and be stable. I do not think the original goal has yet been met with this thing. Sampler lacks some pretty basic stuff. It's a groovebox, basically, it already covers a ton of ground, perhaps more than it should.

It needs work, I agree. It doesn't need new features. (except a tap tempo so you can actually....tap the tempo on SPARK LE controller. plz do this!)
V-Collection / Re: Problem after upgrading Collection V
« Last post by tomday on Today at 06:00:26 am »
Hello - just joined the forums to mention this has occurred with my plug-ins too. Some are loading, some are not (list below)

Ableton 9.7.2
Windows 7

Plug-in List
Analog Lab 2 - Working
ARP 2600 V3 - Working

B-3 V - Not Working
CS-80 V3 - Not Working
Farfisa V - Not Working
Jup-8 0 - Not Working
Martix 12 - Not Working
Mini V3 - Not Working
Modular V3 - Not Working
Piano V - Not Working
Prophet V3 - Not Working
SEM V2 - Not Working
Stage 73 V - Not Working
Synclavier V - Not Working
Vox - Not Working
Wurli - Not Working

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