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KeyLab / Re: Key on Keylab88 not responding correctly
« Last post by tonygardner on Today at 05:37:01 am »
Just checking to see if you ever got this fixed...
KeyLab / Re: Keylab 61 MIDI Channel Transmit on Channel 2,3,4?
« Last post by tonygardner on Today at 05:35:04 am »
Check your Global settings, and make sure Part 2 is set to your desired MIDI channel. If that doesn't help, you can save your settings using the provided software, and attach them here so we can have a closer look at your settings. Screen shots would work too.
KeyLab / Re: Sound Modules and the KL88
« Last post by tonygardner on Today at 05:31:16 am »
I have an Arturia KL88 as well as a Ketron SD2 Orchestrator. However, my primary sound module is a Yamaha Motif Rack XS. What exactly did you need help with?
KeyLab / Re: Keylab 88 LCD backlight not lighting up (busted)
« Last post by tonygardner on Today at 05:28:21 am »
Yes, this happened to my KL88. I contacted support, and they sent me a replacement LCD circuit component. In my case, I didn't have the new version so they ended up sending me a new mainboard as well. I also had a great deal of trouble getting the outer casing back on because the ribbon cables are hot glued down at the factory, and once those are removed, it's very hard to keep them away from the keybed. Anyway, after about six months, I was back on track.

Word of advise -- make sure they know which version of the main board you have, and let a pro tech do the work!
Hey guys, 

New here. Searched a bit for any related threads and didn't find anything.

Basically, during a set I played today (and this has been happening in practice), when using the looper it got stuck (at the time it was 1/16 loop), and during it being stuck I could not change patterns, and stopping/starting again did not solve it.  I had to shut it off mid-set to bring it back to normal.

I have the latest firmware update, and am using it as a master clock with ableton as slave. I experience it even more often when Ableton is mater and BSP is slave.

Anyone having this issue and know what might be the problem?

Thank ya~~
KeyStep / Re: Arpeggiator
« Last post by megamarkd on Today at 04:13:31 am »
No it can't.  I mentioned this some time ago and was told to just hit the notes an octave above the first notes played while holding one of the first keys played to get a 2 octave range.
DrumBrute / Re: Drum brute outputs CV?
« Last post by vykaar on Today at 01:17:20 am »
You can patch the individual outputs directly in to eurorack modular filters, amps, mixers, phasers  etc...
BeatStep - Technical Questions - FAQ / Re: Firmware Update
« Last post by brennyb on Today at 12:59:19 am »
same here this is irritating
I want to do this because adjusting any of the knobs for vco's or any other setting other than main cutoff knob doesn't affect the sound in Preset mode.
All the knobs affect the sound in Preset mode. The effect of the Master Cutoff will often be very apparent, and many of the other knobs may not be. In a given patch, many knobs may not have any effect at all since some sections are usually unused.

There's not a way to copy the mod matrix via software midi center? 
None as of yet. If an editor comes into existence, either by Arturia or from the community, provided the necessary protocols and documentation is released, then this might change.
CS-80 V3 - Users Community / Vocal-synth lead on Jon & Vangelis's 'I'll Find My Way Home'
« Last post by VCO8 on October 21, 2017, 09:26:38 pm »
How would you re-create Vangelis's unique vocal synth lead played halfway through the song? I've tried it with the ring modulator at various settings, but I think he simply combined two very different preset banks (modified of course).
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