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Beatstep Pro - General Discussions / Beatstep Pro setup for Reason
« Last post by JackJackdaw on Today at 11:29:59 am »
Hi, I have made a series of videos on YouTube detailing how to setup Reason 10 for use with the Beatstep pro. There are also some jam videos and tips to get the best of Reason as a live performance tool. So far I have covered the basics with another video to come on setting up Mackie control and mute groups / fader busses in the Reason SSL mixer.

I hope the videos are helpful, please drop by and support my channel with your subs and likes
 as I hope to make many more videos in the future.

Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5fuJGgX5anM2TTmaXeIbK5dloHVADPbI

Cheers! Jack Jackdaw
MatrixBrute - General discussions / Re: Ratcheting?
« Last post by Vic-tor on Today at 10:42:56 am »

He says he is not using any patching

-In the description I only see "All internal; no outs." which to me means "I did it all on the Matrixbrute", but not "I did not use patch cables"
-Another thing that is noticeable is how the upper part of the machine is hidden, unlike all his other videos.

I could be wrong, of course, but I still think the workflow is the one involving using the bay to patch a modulator out and in the gate input  :)
KeyLab MkII - Technical issues / Re: Sequential Program Change Messages
« Last post by LBH on Today at 03:25:29 am »
I use Reaktor 5. In Reaktor 5 the Snapshots respond to MIDI Program Change and the Banks respond to Bank select LSB (MIDI CC#32).
MIDI CCs can also be assigned directly to a knobs and sliders in Keylab MKII, and give a scroll option.
Does'nt the Bank MSB/ LSB parameters in Keylab MKIIs Program Change settings have an impact for this?

I think we all say, that Keylab MKII can't do step MIDI Program Change by itself. It can select a specific preset choice, and that's to me a very useful feature and in many situations much more valueable than doing steps, and many other controllers can't do this. But it would be nice if it also could do steps for buttons in generel with a user set range and a increment and decrement option.
What perhaps can be possible is if you somehow can assign a control to a MIDI Program Change automation parameter in a DAW or if you have other possibilities to do this.

If it's possible for Keylab MKIIs buttons and pads to somehow do steps, then i would like to know. I think this is very useful both for preset/ bank select and for any switch or knob that have more options than on and off (2 settings).
Hi Almuzura and everyone on this board!
thanks LBH and TerryM for your help on this one.

@Almuzura :
indeed, the main question is what kind of message are your external devices and softwares are supposed to expect for the previous/next preset function.
On the keylab side, the 1-9 buttons under sliders can be configured to send cc, nrpn/rpn and program changes messages.
regarding program change messages it can be used to "load" a specific preset following the bank, sub-bank, and program logic specific to external device or software.
as an example with arturia software:
i want to use keylab mkii button 1 to load a specific preset preset in analog lab.i'll use program change messages for this
In analog lab i created different playlists containing some of my favorite presets
let's say i want to use button 1 to load the 2nd preset of my 3rd playlist -> i will have to configure keylab button 1 to send the following message :
bank 3 , sub bank 0 (sub bank is not considered) , program 2

also for analog lab , previous/next preset function is done by sending CC 28 (previous preset) and CC 29(next preset) in Gate mode.

hope this helps a bit,
in the meantime, could you please share us a detailed list of external devices and software you want to control?


I know the manual talks briefly about these options, but do you guys have some guides on how to setup program change, nrpn, rpn, etc., with all the buttons, knobs, pads, etc.? I'm also in the same boat as the Almuzura except I want to control VST presets. I managed to setup two buttons to select two different patches in NI Prism in Reaktor 6 by setting up the buttons to program change. But Prism has a lot of different banks such as a pad bank, lead bank, etc. The buttons only selected patches from the first bank option which was "001 Best of". There are 10 banks. I'm wondering how I can assign the buttons to any of the banks. Also, I'm wondering how to make the buttons change up and down the preset list in each bank? This is what I'm trying to figure out for any VST and perhaps Almuzura is also seeking the same information. Thanks.
Origin Technical Issues / Re: LCD Backglight Failure (replacement options)
« Last post by Major Kong on February 21, 2019, 11:28:15 pm »
I've bought several power supplies from this ebay vendor - they work great! Assuming that at some point Arturia will no longer have the OEM PS's in stock, I think that these PS will be *at least* safe B/U's:

Excellent tip. I am ordering one as a backup unit. Thanks!
Hi Ben.

To give you feedback. I have tried to test.

It make no difference for me to set lower buffer. Still stepping on 64 and 32 samples buffer.

(The stepping is only an issue when using a assigned controller knob or fader in a live or recording  performance)

Perhaps this indicate where to look for a solution for stepping in applications:
Arturias applications have variations in how smoothed the parameters are, when you control them manually with a controller. I would'nt mind, if Arturia had a look at this smoothing for all applications.
As examples: Modular V3, SEM V2, Prophet V3, CS-80 V3 and Jup-8 V3 has great smoothing, - while Mini V3, DX7 V and Matrix-12 V2 more or less is steppy like Pigments.
But if one for example use Modwheel controlled Lag generator for the Cutoff in Matrix 12 V2, then the stepping (quantizing?) can be smoothed out.
And Mini V3 has no stepping when for example using Modwheel to control Cutoff thru the Modulation Matrix.

Hey Koshdukai,

"I was a bit surprised with your post/question, speaking of Piano & Strings sounds in the same sentence as MatrixBrute, a mono/paraphonic analog synth."

Is that a nice way of calling me a dumbass?  LOL.  I have long accepted my learning disability (yes, seriously...  I am a combo of learning disabled and gifted.  I learn very slow but once I get it I excel)  I asked the question because I was trying to learn what I don't know or understand. 

"Meaning, like it was explained in this thread, you're basically comparing oranges with apples here, when seeing the synths you listed, some mono-timbral analog polys, others mono-timbral digital (VA) polys and multi-timbral pure digital polys, none having much to do with a  MatrixBrute (or a Moog Mini/Sub37/etc)."

Yes, I have learned that just this week from wisdom from you guys  :)

"I'm also surprised with you mentioning"   (I saw there were samples for sale that had piano's but only 3 notes/keys at a time won't do.)
"Not sure where you were planning to place those samples with the MatrixBrute, since, again, it's an (mono/paraphonic) analog synth."

Again, learning.  I have no experience with anything other than workstations, and synth/keys are another instrument I play after guitar, vocals, bass, and drums.  I am not very technically advanced.  I sue digital recorders Roland VS to record.  A DAW would literally take me years to get proficient at.  I play everything, programming is way beyond me.  I am all hardware, but I do pretty well in the end...  ;) 

(That means I’m no longer tied to getting workstations)
"If you're used to workstations and are tired of the 1-unit-does-it-all, then be prepared to get the opposite experience: 1-unit-does-one-thing-(hopefully)-extremely-well so... you'll need multiple units :)    Which means, you'll be getting various instruments/modules, if you're expecting multi-timbral playing (multiple sounds/presets at the same time) either split or layered... like you've already realized, when mentioning pairing it with an additional rack module (Kurzweil, ...)."  So, keep in mind, MatrixBrute will get you amazing bass and lead sounds but don't expect to get lush chord sounds out of what's essentially a monophonic synth with some clever paraphonic capabilities (which is more interesting than many pure mono 3 OSC synths)."

Yes,I couldn't agree more.  This exact realization/conclusion came to last night after the help from you guys.  I had thought and hoped the MxB would have more than bass and lead sounds. 

So, at the moment I am leaning towards a Yamaha modx6 and a synth like MiniBrute or module like a Moog Minotaur. I don't really have space for more than one synthesizer, so it will be 1 + a module.

I am beyond grateful to you guys for helping me figure what I need.

Thx for posting their solution.

This is really annoying, why would anyone want the pattern number to stay after changing projects?!
I hope they change it back as scene mode is not ideal for me.

MatrixBrute - General discussions / Re: Ratcheting?
« Last post by aWc on February 21, 2019, 07:39:08 pm »
Did some new tests WITHOUT using the CV patch cord to Gate In.
The trick is to modulate the VCA with LFO1 and then:
-In Seq Mod, modulate both LFO1 amount and LFO1 rate (user defined mod).
-seems to require synced LFO2 to also modulate LFO1 rate
-looks like LFO should be free running...

When I get a more reliable result I'll post an audio example, but I am quite sure that modulating VCA is the only way to get ratcheting without externally triggering the Gate.
Beatstep Pro - General Discussions / Re: Midi Thru
« Last post by whyistherenophonesupport on February 21, 2019, 06:41:07 pm »
In my opinion that is absolutely bonkers.... why on earth one wouldn't  include that very basic function into a Midi sequencer DAW controller product I will never know........ I had a hunch that was going on but I'm still semi shocked all the same.....

It's hilarious because the Beatstep Pro page proudly exclaims that it "plays well with others (very, very well)." This is just not true. Especially with the Keystep also not having midi thru; you can't even use the two together with an external synth without also needed a midi merge device.

It's a great idea for a product with very clunky implementation.
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