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Hi svmcwd,

 1. I'm really unable to reproduce your gap problem. Do you have exact steps to reproduce this issue ?
2. You're right BPM isn't displayed when a pattern is currently loaded even if you move the main wheel. I've added your feature request here.
3. There's a known issue here Pattern A1 tempo isn't recalled properly when global tempo is off. We will try to fix that in the next update.

Hope it helps
Thanks for your feedback

You can use the KLMK2 to control any hardware that use classic MIDI protocol and/or Control Voltage.
If you wish to use it without a computer yes you need to buy a separate power supply.
In User Mode, all parameters (pads, encoders, sliders, wheels, CVs etc...) are editable directly from the hardware if you don't want to use a computer and the Midi Control Center.


Hi Matt,
Can I use it to control my hardware rack sampler like an S1000 without a computer? Do I need to buy a separate power supply to do this?
Spark Users Community / Re: Spark Improvements!
« Last post by dorianC on Today at 02:59:03 pm »
PLEASE, PLEASE: Add Multichannel Out routing support in Standalone Mode!

It must be already in your code, as the plugin version already has this, but the standalone version somehow is missing it. I'd even pay your developers/development department directly to implement this missing feature do you think this is possible? Couldn't take too long. How much would it cost? Maybe we can speak openly about the costs/required time and see if also a few other people would be willing to fund you adding this feature?
Hope you'll reply/take this request serious. Thanks.
Hi Van der Waal,
Sorry but I really don't understand what disturbs you ?
Could you please give me more details ?
Spark Users Community / Re: Midi mapping issue in Spark2.
« Last post by Dotun4luv on Today at 12:12:50 pm »
You could build your own mid mapping to avoid this issue. It really worth the whole of your time.
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exact same  problem here.
I tried reinstalling the newest firmware and did factory reset. But that did not help.
hello!!! i have some issues with the sync on my two beatstep pro. i try to connect one bsp in INT and the other in MIDI, the clock its ok, but my volca sample and bass doesn't sound, i dont know if a miss something. the secuences of my volca start but when i try to hit the pads sounds the others instruments connected on the other bsp.
for example: BSP 1 have the TR8s (channel 15), Minilogue (channel 14) and SH01a (channel 13) and sounds ok. (MIDI).
BSP 2 have volca bass (channel 12) and volca sample (channel 10) (INT).

when i connetc directly the second BSP MIDI OUT directly to the Volca   It responds correctly, its very strange. Can you help me? thanks
MiniLab / Re: Is there a way to stop the blinking lights on MiniLab?
« Last post by Canefire on August 15, 2018, 07:09:51 pm »
I just plugged in my new Keystep and the blinking lights are totally a distraction. The only reason I bought this was for a small input device in front of the center monitor. This is a great solution to turning to one of the 88 key controllers in the studio, but now that the flashes and simply far too bright "stop" button are glaring at me, I will need to send it back to Sweetwater and try again. Design fail, customer service reply...thumbs down. I would fire anyone working for me that dizzed a customer like that.
Spark Technical Issues / Re: Spark LE frozen
« Last post by TheDoctor on August 15, 2018, 06:00:31 pm »
just to be clear: it happen when I reach 1 to 10 Velocity, I try to stress the drum machine buy changing multiple step and it works fine till I touch that kind of range.
Also I just noticed if I try to click the connecting/disconnecting button it give me only disconnecting...even if the icon it switch to blue/grey
I already try to reinstall the driver, troubleshooting, deactivate both SparkLE[0] and Sparkle[1] in the software device, still same problem.
I try to run  SparkLe in Midi - OX and it doesn't seem to freeze at all, also the seem to respond much smoother on the pressure I can almost stay in one note/midicc when in spark feel impossible.
I don't know if it can help.

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