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I am a newbie too, I faced the same problem (with or without AudioFuse connected to my computer).

I found the solution :
In the "Direct Monitoring Mix" section of AudioFuse Control Center software, move the "Pan" knob of Input 1 to completely to the left and the "Pan" knob of Input 2 to completely to the right.
Pan knob is the circle knob at the top of input 1, 2, 3, 4.... sections.

Do the same for Input 3 and 4, if you need to record them in stereo too.

Technical Issues / Re: Can't instal ASC. Help!!!
« Last post by LBH on Today at 03:59:38 pm »
Your welcome. A shame it was'nt about that.

Are you sure, that the install paths you set in the installer - including the disk drive letters - excists?
If yes, then to me it look like a problem with your system, or something else on or with your computer.
Have you tried to install a none Arturia program the same way?

I have the latest versions of all the applications you mention installed. But of course i can't tell, if Arturia suddenly should have made an error.

I'm not sure Arturia can help you with this, if it's actually a system or PC support you need. But perhaps.
I think Arturia is closed in the weekends. So don't exspect they answer before monday at the earliest.
I have the same problem when I play my Microfreak while I'm barefoot on the floor   :o :o
Technical Issues / Re: Can't instal ASC. Help!!!
« Last post by Justinas on Today at 10:03:58 am »
Thank You for recommendations LBH. Done all steps, but nothing works unfortunately. Last hope is to receive help from Arturia tech support...
Can't instal other Arturia software also, for instance I got bundled products  Analog Lab 4, Stage-73V, Mini V3 and can't instal them, the same error message prompts.. so strange..
No beta testers at least wanna share some dirt yet? Give us a taste, come on!
MiniBrute 2S - General Discussions / Arturia announces MiniBrute 2
« Last post by Leoyarms on October 19, 2019, 10:22:51 pm »
Hey everyone,
Matrixbrute is a bit out of my price range and the minibrute is too stripped down. This looks like a good in between pricewise.

I have to see what is patchable first, but it looks like it could potentially be a good modular starter. A lot of starter semimodulars are only 1 osc, 1 env, 1 lfo etc affairs so it could be cool to see something that does more out of the box.
DrumBrute - General discussions / Optimal Wiring pinout from individual outputs?
« Last post by Spintonik on October 19, 2019, 07:08:17 pm »

Last week, I took the leap and got myself a Drumbrute :) I loaned it from a shop for a weekend, and to test the individual outputs, I just purchased a stack of really cheap stereo miniplug-miniplug -wires and stereo 3.5mm to 6.3mm converters, patched it up to my mixer. Loved the sound, so now it is mine :)

Only issue is that there is quite amount of hiss in individual channels. Pretty sure it's the cheap wires. I am now in process of soldering proper cables.

Is there an official guide on how to connect the cables in optimal manner?
Is the Unbalanced TS to Balanced TRS (Guide "14" in https://www.rane.com/note110.html ) the best possible way?
Technical Issues / Re: Can't instal ASC. Help!!!
« Last post by LBH on October 19, 2019, 05:59:00 pm »
Hi and welcome to Arturia forums.

I think, that this can be a system error too. It's hard to tell, what's causing this error.
I presume, you have downloaded the ASC installer form Arturias website, and without the use of a third party program. Have you done that?

you can try all of the following to begin with:
1. Contact Arturia support - in case it's about ASC - or they perhaps can help anyway.
2. Scan you system for virus.
3. Check your OS is updated.
4. In example try to run the Windows Commando Prompt (with Run as administrator) and type sfc/scannow and hit ENTER on your computer keyboard. This will check and repair corrupt system files, if it's possible to do.

Or run Windows PowerShell and run sfc.exe (ENTER), and the sfc /SCANNOW (ENTER) to do the same.

Then run the ASC installer again. Perhaps it's a good idea to restart your system before installing.

Perhaps this will help, but i can't tell for sure.
MicroBrute / MIcrobrute current draw/power consumption
« Last post by krkia on October 19, 2019, 03:26:16 pm »
Hi, has anyone measured/could Arturia chip in on what is the current draw of the MicroBrute?

I know its supplied power adapter is 1A, but since power supplies that come with all equipment like this usually give out a lot more amps than the device needs to operate, I'm curious if the MicroBrute actually operates perfectly fine on less. I seem to remember someone measuring the MiniBrute's current draw as far below 1A, but couldn't find that info anymore and may be mistaken?

Asking this because I'm trying to put together a mobile set up with a power bank. Thanks!
MicroFreak - General Discussion / Re: Gimmick or Game Changer?
« Last post by BLEO on October 19, 2019, 03:06:22 pm »
The Freak sounds amazing. The wide range of sounds you can dial in, from classic leads to lush pads to nasty digital noise, make this thing really stand out. I know exactly what you're talking about with the videos: before it was released, I read all the specs on it and thought "this is my dream synth! I can finally easily do all the crazy wavetable switching I usually program in trackers!" And then I saw the videos and no one was trying anything interesting with it. It wasn't until probably the 20th video when someone actually modulated the waveshape. Yes, the current state of the firmware is undoubtedly buggy but Arturia has always been slow to release updates but when they do, they do not disappoint!
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