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Analog Lab 2 - Feature Requests / Add a section for Spark...
« Last post by stefano on Today at 07:11:18 pm »
It would be great the possibility to play Spark Drum Machine along with Analog Lab (i.e. along with the presets from other synth from the v-collection)...i.e. I mean within Analog Lab 2 itself so that you don't need a separate vsti-host  for running both(Analog Lab & Spark)....
Would you be willing to send me one of your Cubase session where you are experiencing the issue ? I do not reproduce on my Cubbase 9. Do you have some kind of specific user mapping that could interferate with the Keylab Essential ?
Additional info:

 All notes including Transpose lower Octaves output 0V from the PITCH out.  There are no longer negative voltages from the CV out.
I'm working on KeyStep setup in the MIDI Control Center.  So far no notes lower than C4 will play on my KeyStep.  I can't figure out the logic on this.

This is from the chart on Page 64 of the Manual:

Transpose Center Pitch | Full MIDI note range  | Notes above/below center transpose the sequence up/down

I have no idea what "Notes above/below center transpose the sequence up/down" means.

The Drop Box (data field) only has notes like C-1 to like C8. 

I think the problem is with what belongs in "0V MIDI Note" text box and what belongs in "Transpose Center Pitch" text box.  I have yet to find the correct combination.  I have a Moog M-32 that wants 0V for C4, in CV out mode, not MIDI.   C4 doesn't seem to work in "0V MIDI Note" field.  All help would be appreciated. 

 >:(  It seems that Program changes only work if the synth window is open. So in Pro Tools I have to click on the instrument Inset buttons to open the synth plug-in windows, set the sizes to the minimum 60%, and drag them to a separate monitor out of the way.  Workable, but tedious.

My versions were last downloaded early in 2017.  Matrix-12 is v., Arp 2600 is v.
Aha, I seem to have figured it out!   ;D

- Open the |||\ menu.
- Create a playlist.
- Add all the presets needed.
- Make sure that playlist is selected.
- Close the menu.
- Insert Program Changes in your DAW as needed.
- Program changes are selected from the playlist as they are numbered (up to 128, I presume).

Simple (but undocumented ion the "new" manuals I downloaded yesterday).   ;)
This is great news!  :) :)  However, I found no mention of it in the Matrix-12 manual (which doesn't include a MIDI implementation sheet), and when I tried sending Program Change messages from Pro Tools, nothing happened.  Am I missing something?

John Melcher
Beatstep Pro - Feature requests / Ability to Change Drum Sequencer to Melodic Sequencer
« Last post by OldCharon on September 21, 2017, 10:39:52 pm »
I looked and didn't see this listed, but I can't believe I am the only one that wants this.  I have a TR-8 drum machine and it is incredibly easy to play live, so I don't need the drum sequencer.  I could REALLY use a 3rd melodic sequencer though.  I do realize you can somewhat control a synth with the drum sequencer, but it is extremely limited.
BeatStep Pro - Technical Issues / BSP save project nr does not save related seq nrs
« Last post by iqnyte on September 21, 2017, 08:22:03 pm »
I created a sequence number #4 for channel 1 and a sequence number #4 for channel 2, and I want to save the project under number #4. The project is saved as #4 but when I call the project, the sequences are all sequence number #1, and not number #4.

Why does "save project" not save the related sequences numbers that were created under that project?
I absolutely need this.  Running a large Pro Tools session with multiple synth tracks and several different patches for each.  I can't instantiate 10 Matrix-12's, 10 Minimoogs, etc.  just to play different timbres.  Had I known this before purchasing, I might have saved my money.  Get it done please!

John Melcher

This is already implemented
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