July 25, 2017, 03:07:15 pm
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The title says it all!

Spam all over the forum, yet when i try to post i get 'awaiting moderation'.... why?

It's REALLY annoying!!!  >:(

EDIT:........... and of course this post is............. guess what? ;)
Free Speech / Re: Spark 2 Bug Fix Requests Compilation
« Last post by matjones on Today at 11:43:09 am »
Please can we have the option for mono outs and song position pointer............ the onboard sequencer in Spark is pretty much useless in a studio situation, song position pointer would make Spark MUCH more useful and powerful.

Thanks  8)

PS, how come my post is 'awaiting moderation' yet spammers can post quite freely? This happens to me nearly every time i post on here...
DrumBrute / Re: Drumbrute midi slave problem
« Last post by I grec on Today at 10:33:50 am »
There is no known synchronization issues in the latest DrumBrute firmware...
Is your MC5000 starting from position 0?
if I press stop and play at the same time on the MC, it starts correctly on the 1st step
Try pressing Stop before pressing Play -> how does it behave?
Your MC5000 may be sending a Song Position Pointer message if it is not at time 0, and the DrumBrute takes it into account.

DrumBrute / Re: Drumbrute MCC will not sync
« Last post by I grec on Today at 10:23:33 am »
I think the manual has already been rewritten... Please check the latest online PDF version.

Free Speech / Re: Spark 2 Bug Fix Requests Compilation
« Last post by Edouard_Arturia on Today at 09:40:07 am »
Hey Guys.
It's a good Idea to reference here the bugfixes you have found.
It would be great to raise a list on the first post, so the other pals can see what has already been dig.
Then later we can maybe start a poll to check what's the most important to you guys.
With all the respect, I won't edit your post without permission, so just a suggestion here..
New Keystep owner here, with the same incredibly annoying problem if I forget to hit Stop on the Keystep after hitting stop on the master sequencer.

We know Arturia can fix this, thus, I'm wondering why haven't they?
MatrixBrute - Feature requests / Re: Set sequencer start and end point
« Last post by joeman on Today at 02:32:59 am »
Good idea. Agreed.
MicroBrute / Re: NEW MicroBrute Firmware coming!!!
« Last post by AustinBru on Today at 12:19:07 am »
I must admit... I was hoping for more "features" :(

But I am just SUPER glad that they are still supporting the project.

Maybe a dumb question: - Gate Length (CC113) does not impact sequencer Step Size (CC107) anymore. I suspect the CC values for Step Size are what? Short, Medium, and Long? Does Gate Length have full resolution? I've always used the Decay slider to achieve that Gate Length fiddling.
KeyLab / Re: Windows 10 - standalone instruments won't connect to controllers
« Last post by Ilgrazza on July 24, 2017, 10:16:03 pm »
Update 2

Repair installation of Windows seems to have solved the problem - something had gone awry in the USB configuration.
KeyLab / Re: Windows 10 - standalone instruments won't connect to controllers
« Last post by Ilgrazza on July 24, 2017, 08:58:57 pm »
Update: uninstalled and re-installed all Arturia software - no change...
Installed on a different PC with same build of Windows 10 - working normally.  Something may have gone wrong with the latest Windows 10 upgrade - will try a repair installation of Windows.
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