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KeyLab Technical Issues / My keylab won't make a sound...
« Last post by plapla234 on Today at 07:12:08 am »
Hello everyone, I kinda need your help....
Yesterday everything was working just fine; I could play piano on any of the arturia programs and it would work just fine. Now I can't hear a sound... I mean, I still see the notes being pressed and all like they are being played but I just won't hear a thing. Yes everything is plugged in and my headset volume works since I can hear every other apps. Out of despair I ended up formatting my PC and reinstalled everything and even then it doesn't work... So yeah plase help me out! I don't know what to do!?
MatrixBrute - General discussions / Re: outboard reverb suggestions
« Last post by ease on Today at 05:42:08 am »
+1 for H9
MicroBrute - General discussion / multiple microbrutes and usb
« Last post by fil on Today at 05:10:33 am »
is there any more elegant way than un/plugging/in to target a specific microbrute from midi control center or microbrute connection software?

along the same lines, could there be a way to semi/permanently differentiate multiple connected microbrutes via software?

MatrixBrute - General discussions / A question regarding the sequencer
« Last post by BuckarooBanzai on March 21, 2018, 09:22:55 pm »
Can the sequencer be programmed via the Midi IN instead of the keyboard?

Thank you!
I think I will try reinstalling Piano V2. This occurred the first time I ever launched it (and every time since). The board and software are all brand new, and the sustain pedal works fine if I close Piano V2 and use the KeyLab88 to control an off-board module.

I also checked the Sustain Pedal settings in EDIT mode and according to the board, it is set on Sustain and inverted (as it should be for this pedal to work correctly).

So, I'm puzzled.
RackBrute 3U & 6U - General Discussions / Rackbrute with Knurlies
« Last post by dimleaffall on March 21, 2018, 06:14:24 pm »
Does anyone know if the Befaco Knurlies will work in the Rackbrute?  Thanks.
It would be great if the parameter changes were visible as a knob, fader, etc. were moved on a touch-based controller. As it is currently, if I place the mouse over the knob, fader, etc in the Arturia GUI the changes are visible in the lower left corner of the GUI. But that kind of defeats the purpose of using a touch based controller. (Probably any MIDI controller.) If the changes were visible even if the mouse isn't placed correctly that would help immensely.

Also... bi-directional MIDI so that when a preset is selected in a synth it sends out all the controllers in the config to update any external controller. That would be a dream!

Hey I grec,

In Drum Mode, by default, my pads are set to General MIDI in the MIdi Control Centre, however, the default value for pad 1 is 39 - and upon pressing all the pads there is no 36. I thought if my drum mode were to be set to General MIDI, pad 1 would be my kick drum MIDI CC 36 C1. But as I mentioned, pad 1 is 39 and all other pad values are from 40 onwards.

It seems like no matter what mode I put it in I never get MIDI CC 36, 37 or 38.

Spark Technical Issues / Re: Best daw for SparkLE?
« Last post by Gremlon on March 21, 2018, 04:18:54 am »
Thanks for the input!  I'll check it out.
Analog Laboratory Users Community / Save MIDI Channel change to snapshot buttons?
« Last post by JDoo on March 21, 2018, 02:37:31 am »
Is there any way to store a MIDI change to one of the snapshot buttons?  What I would like to be able to do, is press a button on my Analog Laboratory The Experience, and have the MIDI channel it is sending messages to, switch to a pre-determined channel.  Hoping to be able to direct my Laboratory to different external sound sources, based on a key press.

Thanks for any insight!

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