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KeyLab MkII - Technical issues / Keylab 49 mk 2 midi clock Issues
« Last post by Ixindamix on Today at 11:00:37 am »
I can't get my New Keylab to send midi clock from the computer to external machines, it seems to behave differently depending on the device and either sends very erratic clock or double speed or nothing atall.
Hopefully I'm doing something wrong, can anyone help ?
MicroBrute / Re: I made a song entirely on microbrute
« Last post by Bacon on Today at 10:56:49 am »
Impressive! And a really good song too  :)
Ive just got a BSP Black. Its Syncing fine with Logic Pro X  however I cannot get the set up right so I can send sequence information for both sequencers to any VI in Logic and record the BSPs output on those tracks. There are two independent tutorials on Youtube that address this but both are missing steps.  Can someone provide me with the correct set up please?
Spark Technical Issues / Commands on all MIDI channels
« Last post by Astraios on Today at 07:46:58 am »
Hi again!  ;)

Hmm, I wonder if this really true...? and please correct me, if I'm wrong.
Spark2 (GUI) receives all commands (like  CC, Midi Notes, Patch Changes) from a hardware controller on all MIDI channels
(not on a certain one). So it seems to me, we won't be able to send the same MIDI command on different channels to manipulate
different things.

Cheers  :-\
Thank you for listening and commenting, I appreciate it!  Are you from a particular state or country?
+1 to this.

Hold the Bend button for a second or two, the light starts blinking, you can then choose one parameter to assign by touching its knob.

Hold the button again to clear it.
Website / Re: Not receiving activation email
« Last post by Reginub on Today at 02:29:15 am »
Same problem, tried to go through the website for tech support, but it asked me to login first...hmmm? That seems flawed. Cant call anyone?
Is there a phone number that anyone has seen?

Please, please, please can you help activate my account downy_project@hotmail.com.
If not, the keyboard is worthless and its going back to the music shop.

Thank you
Website / Re: Not Receiving Arturia Account Verification E-mail
« Last post by zollarsa on Today at 12:18:32 am »
I have the same issue, bought a new Microlab Keyboard and trying to register it. But I can only log into the Arturia Software Center on my Mac but not online, so I can't use any of the new software with my keyboard. What. the. heck. Tried making multiple accounts, didn't do diddly squat. Please help Arturia or I'm returning my now worthless keyboard.
Beatstep Pro - General Discussions / Re: Beatstep Pro Training
« Last post by pnluther on January 22, 2020, 11:05:38 pm »
MajorFubar, for starters I really like your name.  And I understand the problem with spammers.  I was just in a complaining mood. I really appreciate this forum.  Thanks. 
Hi and welcome to Arturia forums.

You can't drag cables from one applications frontpanel to another applications frontpanel.

If cubase sidechain feature work for this (If so - for VST3 only i think if), then you can use that sidechain feature to send the main output from ARP 2600 V to Modular V and then get the ARP sound out through the Modular Vs ext in jacks to use in Modular V.

It would be nice to hear if cubase sidechain work for this. I don't have cubase.
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