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Free Speech / Re: V7 Released?
« Last post by puremusic on Today at 09:59:13 pm »
I am waiting for the demos to download to test drive them. Since I'm still on Collection V, it may be worth it to me in the future to upgrade, though I'd likely wait for a $99 sale.

Mostly I'm in the collection for the CS80 and Piano V, which I paid a small fee to upgrade to V2. I'm still hoping someday it'll have poly aftertouch like the original. I'd pay for that upgrade fast!
Free Speech / Re: V7 Released?
« Last post by MajorFubar on Today at 09:36:45 pm »
Big change in policy here I notice: Analog Lab 4 does not contain all the factory presets for the three new instruments, unlike in the past, just a rather bland selection to tempt your wallet into buying V Collection 7. Presumably not enough people were buying the full V Collection because they were happy with being able to access all the instruments' factory presets using only Analog Lab. But not any more. There appears to be no change to legacy instruments' presets; you can still access them all. But equally that could be because I just happen to own VC6.

Their pricing structure is having a laugh as well: Ä199 as an existing-user upgrade price from VC6, and for that I get only three additional instruments. Yet a completely new buyer gets all 24 instruments currently for Ä299. That doesn't even make mathematical sense and is a big fat 'no thanks' from me.
Free Speech / What do I see? Abandonment
« Last post by Benjamin AM on Today at 09:02:10 pm »
Arturia fix the Keystep firmware please!!  It has been over 2 years since an update. Donít abandon the product until you have it properly working.
Free Speech / Re: V7 Released?
« Last post by puremusic on Today at 08:24:46 pm »
It's out I just got the email!
MiniBrute 2S - General Discussions / Re: Midi out
« Last post by vhonskream on Today at 07:27:51 pm »
Hi, I would like to control external synths trough the midi out... Of the minibrute2s
How do I  get around this...
And is there also a way to change midi channels on the fly for so u can output sequences
to different midi channels?

Lemme know thnx in advance.
Just run the MIDI out from the 2s into the MIDI in on the device you wish to sync.
thanks for the information, i'm curious as to where you found it.

however, this is in no way useful for midi feedback from DAW. i'm not going to write a sysex translator just to get basic LED functionality that comes out of the box in practically every Novation product

i'll be watching (without much hope) for a firmware update that brings this keyboard up to speed so i can stop cautioning others about its limitations when i see it recommended
Hi folks.

I have created a Soundpack of 32 Patches for the MatrixBrute. All of them can be heard here: https://youtu.be/pdVlYi7-GNE
If you like what you hear, you can buy them on my site: https://www.arthurfussy.com/soundpacks

Every sound is carefully programmed and many of them make use of the modulation possibilities as Wheel, Aftertouch and the 4 rotary knobs...
Hope you like it.
Can I transpose sequences only on next note, because I thing my sequence is sometimes transposing in the middle of playing notes. Can I change this behaviour?
The display that I"m finding on eBay has the model number:  PVI PA050XS1 (LF).  Does the "LF" designation indicate that its not compatible with the Origin?

Many of the displays in this family has the "(LF)" prefix. I've not been able to find out what its meaning is, but I son't think it's anything to worry about compatibility wise.

There's a nice overview of the variants of this LCD module panelook.com. You can get versions with LED backlight which should work, but you'd have to arrange the LED power of 11V (not available in the Origin, but could be added using a DC-DC converter).

BTW, you can get these for as little as around $16 here.
Pigments - General Discusisons / Re: Pigments and Studio One
« Last post by cshearly on Today at 01:50:17 am »
Does anyone have a suggestion for a "better" DAW for keyboardists?
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