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KeyStep / KeyStep and Mother32 sync question
« Last post by lnwt on Today at 08:33:17 am »

I'm trying to figure out if I can set the KS arp to a DAW's clock (Ableton) and then use the arp to trigger a Mother32.

I'm trying to land on a live techno setup that syncs a hardware drum machine, the KS and the M32. Not sure if I'm going scott it the wrong way.

Any tips for an abject noob?

I feel your pain with not running A Windows or Mac OS system meaning you can't use MCC. Perhaps you could run a VM? You don't need an Arturia account to download and install MCC.
Prophet V3 / Re: Have things changed substantially in V3?
« Last post by Shannock9 on Today at 05:15:11 am »
Good morning - I'm considering buying Prophet V3.  My question relates to the 2006 review linked earlier.

"...the soft synth's white noise spectrum exhibits a marked fall-off above 5kHz, ending up almost 20dB down at 20kHz.  This is equivalent to placing a 10dB/octave low-pass filter across the output! If these results are a consequence of the filter emulation, rather than any significant differences in the spectra of the noise generators themselves, they might explain the cyclic waveforms' lack of brightness when compared with the originals."

Does Prophet V3 still roll off everything above 5kHz in this manner?   If so is there a good reason to so dull the sound?
Thank you
DrumBrute / Re: Linux support
« Last post by I__A on Today at 12:50:17 am »

I am confronted with the same problem, but I refuse to install Windows at all. So far I managed to install both, the Software Center and the MIDI Control Center, using wine. I use Debian stable, the steps are:

1.) run: $ sudo apt update && sudo apt install wine
2.) run: $ wine

Command 2.) informed me that multiarch support was missing and presented the command to change that. I ran that command as well.

3.) run: $ winecfg

In Debian stable, wine defaults to Win XP, command 3.) opens a window where wine can be set to Win 7, 8.x or 10, which are required for the Arturia software.

At this point one can download the .exe files of the Software Center and MIDI Control Center and install them by navigating to the Download directory and run the following command:

4.) run: $ wine *The.exeYouWantToInstall*.exe

So far, so good. Now here's the problem I'm stuck with: the Drumbrute isn't recognized by the MIDI Control Center. Since I run Debian stable, the wine version is outdated. The wine manual says that in older versions of wine USB ports are not automatically recognized (maybe anyone with a more up-to-date distro can give feedback if updating wine will solve the issue?).

My Drumbrute is directly connected to my laptop, so I went to ~/.wine/dosdevices and entered the USB ports myself (as the wine manual suggests). In my /dev directory I found /dev/ttyS0-3 (my poorish google skills found out that these are supposed to be the mainboard USB ports, is that right?), so I ran:

5.) run: $ ln -s /dev/ttyS0 com1 && ... && ln -s /dev/ttyS3 com4

This created the COM ports 1-4 and linked them to /dev/ttyS0-3. According to the internet, this should have done the trick, but it didn't. I also added my user to the groups "dialout' and 'tty', still the Drumbrute isn't recognized. Anyone have an idea, why the Drumbrute isn't recognized?

And also, isn't there a way to to update the Drumbrute via SYSEX and configure it via MIDI CC?


In the Arp 2600 V some parameters such as SEQUENCER AMOUNT it should appear as SEQ AMOUNT FM.

It's very annoying because with VST Instruments by other brand, the parameters are displayed correctly. :-\

In the Arp 2600, for example, It would be enough to remove the prefix "AMOUNT" and it would be solved, but maybe ableton users not interessing.  :'(
I also am having this problem. And there is no menu in the upper left hand corner. Missing the top bar that I am used to - where you can switch patches etc - it is completely missing.
I will try to attach a screenshot. Standalone is fine. But in Ableton Live there is no menu, so no resize, no switching patches etc. This only started after latest upgrade to the V-collection.

Windows 10, Microsoft Surface Pro 4.
MatrixBrute - Feature requests / Re: Sequencer, arp and matrix arp improvements
« Last post by VAU on October 20, 2018, 10:36:35 pm »
i would suggest:

zoom possibility like 1 page per bar
(and at least 32 bars sequences)

then you could use the lower columns to draw in ratchets  and other things
Dear Arturia

I am using the BSP slaved to Logic Pro and it works really well with my CV gear and Roland boutique drum machines, I prefer writing the sequences on the BSP rather than fiddling around on the boutiques.

One thing thatís puzzling me is why it is limited to 16 patterns in a chained sequence. Say I have a song in Logic that is 128 bars long and Iíve programmed 16 different drum patterns 4 bars long. Itís only possible to chain half the song and save that as a scene.

Iíd have to save another scene of 16 chained patterns for the second half of the song and manually press scene 2 in control mode half way through the song.

Even if you could enable the scenes to play consecutively this would be a massive help.

Are there any plans for these features in future updates?

Cheers 🍻
System Exclusive
Did u use a mrecorder.com on Android for monitro somebody? Can u tell me how It is work?
MatrixBrute - Tips & Tricks / Alternative equal temperament scales - v2
« Last post by DrJustice on October 20, 2018, 05:37:20 pm »
I've adopted a slightly different setup. It involves setting the two Macro Knobs being used as "mod value boosters" to +99 and instead do the tuning values in the mod matrix where they're safe from accidental knocking of whack when playing. If you still do the out-of-whack knocking (can only be done downwards since they're maxed out), they can always be maxed out to get in tune again. This is not essential, just slightly more performance friendly by tucking the two "volatile" values safely away in the matrix.

The new tuning values then becomes:

Code: [Select]
             1       5         13      14      15
           VCO 1   VCO 2     VCO 3   VCO 3   VCO 3
           Pitch   Pitch     Coarse  Coarse  Coarse
I Kbd/Seq   -70       -70       -99     -99     -70

M M1        +38       +38

N M2                            +61     +61

M1 macro knob = +99
M2 macro knob = +99

As always careful fine tuning may (will!?) be needed on your specific MxB. I.e. the -70 or +38 values for VCO 1 and 2, and the +61 or -70 value for VCO 3. Use very fine hand as there are several values between the ones indicated i  the Mod Amount display.

The new patch version, "Init24_v2" is attached here as a starting point.
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