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Title: Easier way to toggle between Step On Gate/Clock?
Post by: mcandre on November 28, 2019, 01:18:49 am

I recently discovered the different Sequence Step On setting in the MIDI Control Center app. This allows toggling between an clock and gate in CV source for stepping through sequences. However, it is inconvenient to have to connect to a computer, relaunch the app, and click through the interface to every time we want to switch between these two options. Is there perhaps a faster way of doing this?

One thing I tried is leaving Step On configured as "Gate", plugging in an external clock such as a Volca Drum Sync Out. I figured I could replace the Volca Drum Sync Out with a patch between the MicroBrute's own Gate Out and Gate In ports. But that doesn't appear to work.

I also tried Step On configure as "Clk". That makes the internal clock work for sequencing, but then completely ignores the CV gate in port!

By the way, Sync is configured as "Auto". So I'm not sure why the sequencer is so fussy. Is there some way to effectively get Step On to automatically select between clock and gate in, so that the behavior is controlled by the presence/absence of a gate in patch signal?