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Title: Why only some controls are mapped on a keylab MK2, when using Collection 5 apps?
Post by: shiny on November 19, 2019, 05:28:35 am
I have been using analog lab, because it was included with the Keylab MK2, but then I purchases the whole collection V since it was on sale.

The first issue I have is that I can't tell which presets are new, in analog lab. There is virtually no way to know if I had those in keylab or if they came with the full install of collection 5; I can only mark them as favorite sadly...this is something that really disappoint me, considering that analog lab should be the main hub to drive the plugins, exactly like Komplete Kontrol does for the NI plugins. Maybe one day, Arturia will realize that having 10K presets plus the ones you make, is not easy to manage, so playlists, groupings and favorites would really be a great thing to have in analog lab.

Anyway, I told myself that I can just start to use the keylab MK2 with any of the standalone plugins, and sadly, it seems that not all the controls are mapped. For example in B3, the knobs and faders move some controls; the buttons does nothing, and if I try to switch between button banks, nothing happens. I am in Analog lab mode.
Ironically, if I want to use all 3 pages of controls for all the buttons, knobs and faders, I have to use a user mode...basically I need to make my own mapping.

Now, the expectation was that, like in NI Komplete Kontrol, using a KK S series keyboard, you have to do no mapping at all; because all is mapped already for you. But that's not the case from what I can tell.
Is there some sort of setting I have to switch, to have the keyboard to actually save me the time to use a mouse and keyboard for the controls on most of the Collection V plugins? Isn't the advantage of using the Keylab, the fact that you can use it to control the other plugins? Did I miss something or the integration works only for analog lab?

That would be unfortunate, since I could not access the whole range of controls for each plugin, which is the reason why I spent 200 dollars more on top of the 500 spent for the keylab MK2.
Title: Re: Why only some controls are mapped on a keylab MK2, when using Collection 5 apps?
Post by: LBH on November 19, 2019, 08:53:00 pm
This is not an easy post to reply to. I'll try.

considering that analog lab should be the main hub to drive the plugins, exactly like Komplete Kontrol does for the NI plugins.
Where have you read this?
AL can be used for this.

In Analog Lab you have access to presets and some parameters without having the full applications. Having the full applications add functionality and the amount of parameters you have access to. Arturia have done a mapping for the presets using the parameters you have access to without owning the full applications. And you can get extra presets in Arturia soundstore that can be used without owning the full VC applications and Pigments. You can also have different mappings/ midi configs for the applications.
In Komplete Kontrol you need the full application a preset is for, to have the preset at all. NKS file is required to be availble in the browser.
Al and Komplete Kontrol is not the same as they are now.

Please keep in mind, that if you create a preset in Komplete Kontrol, then you actually have to map each preset individually. It's not done automaticly. Also keep in mind that the mapping done by a vendor or others might not be the mapping you wan't, so you perhaps have to change that mapping anyway for your needs.

When buying VC5 i'm not sure you have any new presets at all in your AL. - (Don't know why you buy VC5, when we are on VC7 and it's on sale, as you don't have all VC7 applications in VC5. You can only open applications you own inside AL4.) -
No matter what, then the thing with Arturias preset management system is, that the presets you have in the individual applications and in Analog Lab is the same. If you edit or save a preset in one applications it is also changed/ saved for the other. You don't have to do the work twice.
(This you can't do with Komplete Kontrol or NKS files.)

In Analog Lab you actually have concerts/ playlist, favorites and more - like user defined instruments, banks, types and styles. Arturia perhaps have the most powerful preset management system you'll find. You can search everything - even for words in the comments textfield, and you can sort presets. It's much better than just a rating system. And it's very powerful, especially for the presets you save yourself, as you can add whatever you wan't. It can do what Komplete Kontrol can and even more in preset management and search and sort functionality.
You say something AL have is missing.

I think you are missing how things in Komplete Kontrol and in Analog Lab actually works. Each preset system have it's upsides and downsides. And as AL only use Arturia presets and applications, then AL at this point is a part of a Arturia system only.
The individual applications in V-Collections come with NKS files, if you wish to use that with the Komplete Kontrol software.

I'm not saying, that i don't have wishes for even more.