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Title: Revised User Manual with in detail information on Essentials' MIDI integration
Post by: divvydoo on November 10, 2019, 05:31:08 am
For example the terms patch change, switched program, Program number 0-127 are not even mentioned in the Manual. Like what do they even do? I suppose I have to set the Part buttons to patch change to make use of the knobs' and faders' multiple assignability. This was an important reason for me to buy this device in the first place.

And how is the User Channel different from the other MIDI Channels? Does it have anything to do with the User Mappings 1-6?
I must say the Analog Lab is pretty luxurious alright but the MIDI Control Center integration is not so great, particularly with the Essential.

I know from forum boards that many people who bought the console have similar problems. It feels as if I just can't unlock the full potential of this device.