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Title: Can't instal ASC. Help!!! (SOLVED)
Post by: Justinas on October 19, 2019, 12:03:11 pm
few days ago I bought Arturia Keylab Essential 49. Registered it successefully, and next step is to download and instal ASC, but when I try to instal it error message prompts and it says "Error3: System could not find the path specified". What should I do to solve this problem? I use Windows version 10.
Title: Re: Can't instal ASC. Help!!!
Post by: LBH on October 19, 2019, 05:59:00 pm
Hi and welcome to Arturia forums.

I think, that this can be a system error too. It's hard to tell, what's causing this error.
I presume, you have downloaded the ASC installer form Arturias website, and without the use of a third party program. Have you done that?

you can try all of the following to begin with:
1. Contact Arturia support - in case it's about ASC - or they perhaps can help anyway.
2. Scan you system for virus.
3. Check your OS is updated.
4. In example try to run the Windows Commando Prompt (with Run as administrator) and type sfc/scannow and hit ENTER on your computer keyboard. This will check and repair corrupt system files, if it's possible to do.

Or run Windows PowerShell and run sfc.exe (ENTER), and the sfc /SCANNOW (ENTER) to do the same.

Then run the ASC installer again. Perhaps it's a good idea to restart your system before installing.

Perhaps this will help, but i can't tell for sure.
Title: Re: Can't instal ASC. Help!!!
Post by: Justinas on October 20, 2019, 10:03:58 am
Thank You for recommendations LBH. Done all steps, but nothing works unfortunately. Last hope is to receive help from Arturia tech support...
Can't instal other Arturia software also, for instance I got bundled products  Analog Lab 4, Stage-73V, Mini V3 and can't instal them, the same error message prompts.. so strange..
Title: Re: Can't instal ASC. Help!!!
Post by: LBH on October 20, 2019, 03:59:38 pm
Your welcome. A shame it was'nt about that.

Are you sure, that the install paths you set in the installer - including the disk drive letters - excists?
If yes, then to me it look like a problem with your system, or something else on or with your computer.
Have you tried to install a none Arturia program the same way?

I have the latest versions of all the applications you mention installed. But of course i can't tell, if Arturia suddenly should have made an error.

I'm not sure Arturia can help you with this, if it's actually a system or PC support you need. But perhaps.
I think Arturia is closed in the weekends. So don't exspect they answer before monday at the earliest.
Title: Re: Can't instal ASC. Help!!!
Post by: Justinas on November 05, 2019, 12:16:22 pm
The problem was that Program Data folder in which ASC was trying to instal (don't know why, but I couldn't change the instalation folder) was hidden. So I made it visible and manualy created Arturia folder inside it and finally instalation was successful. Posting this because someone in the future will face the same situation as me and this might help...
Title: Re: Can't instal ASC. Help!!! (SOLVED)
Post by: LBH on November 05, 2019, 06:33:24 pm
The ProgramData folder is by default hidden in Windows. Even if that folder is hidden, then files are installed in it, and it should not be the cause of your issue, that it is/ was hidden.

When you install a Arturia application, then some things is stored to the ProgramData folder, and you can't change that.

Did you at your first initial install change the default application installation path, for the application files, that you can set a new path for?
If so, then i can imagine, there are cases where you could get the issue you had.
(The install path can only be set in the individual installers, and not be changed in a ASC page. And again - keep in mind that it's only some files that's installed on that path.)
And are you also saying, that you now have set the install path to a location inside the ProgramData folder? I will not recommend that.
The default install path for the application in the Program Files folder is perfectly good, and the path should only be changed, if you know excactly, what you do, and you have a good reason to do so.

You can also change the VST2 plugin paths you define yourself. Those paths should be to the folder your DAW and other hosts use. You can't change the install path for VST3 plugins, and that's not something Arturia have decided.

Deleting files in the ProgramData folder can sometimes help on issues. So can a un- and reinstall of the applications. But the error code you mentioned, did'nt point at issues this should help to solve.

Perhaps you'll get that error, if you try to install in the hidden ProgramData folder. You perhaps have done that. But as said, then it's not recommended, that you install applications in that folder. I would avoid it.
To me your issue look like it was a human install issue like this. Can that be true?