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Title: C2 Drum Triggering while playing sequencer
Post by: Ameriviking on October 14, 2019, 10:13:23 pm
I am new to this site/posts (and BSP) so forgive me if this has been addressed.

I am running BSP into a Roland TR-8S rhythm performer and then through to a Roland SH-201. Everything works fine except when/if I want to play bass notes (in the C2 range) in the sequencer mode where the drum pads are also triggered -- and not the exact same note/pad triggers as the drum machine is set up for. Is there a way that I can have ONLY the synth triggered in sequencer mode? Everything works fine for the TR in drum mode.

Upon further tinkering, it seems the problem is with the TR-8S' MIDI thru. Perhaps a proper splitter will be needed?!?

Other than this, I am LOVING the BSP!!!!