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Title: LIST of Origin encoders and potentiometers
Post by: JacksonP on September 16, 2019, 02:48:14 pm
Hi all Origin users:

Here’s a list what I got from Arturia, when I asked about potentiometers (in other thread). Finaly I thought that it would be wise to get as much as possible information under one list. Here it is:

From Guillaume (Arturia Support):

Here are all the information i can provide you at the moment regarding the potentiometers and encoders used (some of these bein already shared on some origin servicing forum topics) :

3x PEC16-4220F-N0024
Detent with No Switch
OSC waveform, Filter Type, LFO waveform

8x PEC16-4020F-S0024
No Detent with Switch
User white knobs around screen area

5x PEC16-4220F-S0024
Detent with Switch
Jog wheel, OSC select, Filter select, LFO select, ENV select

17x PEC16-4020F-N0024
No Detent with No Switch
Sequencer knobs and sequencer rate

7x PTV111-3420A-B103
No switch
Mixer & Effects section potentiometers

Let me know if you need any further information.

Kindest regards,
Guillaume - Arturia Support