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Title: Pointers for WaveTables
Post by: eaman on September 06, 2019, 05:48:56 pm
I'm moving my first steps with WaveTable Algo, any pointers about the nature of the WaveTables that come with the mFreak?

Table:- The Wave knob enables you to select a wave from the 16 waves stored in the table.
- Position:Allows you to browse the 32 cycles.

You know what? The Manual is GOOD, yet it would not hurt to have some kind of deeper insights about the actual usage of the various algos in the form provided by the mFreak!

Me as a beginner would mostly appreciate that, especially if it was to come from some one involved in the design of the thing that could share some insight of the purpose of the provided tools, not a random YouTube producer who spends 15minutes on the thing showcasing each knob.
Title: Re: Pointers for WaveTables
Post by: 019297 on September 13, 2019, 04:51:56 am
I don't really have any info, I do know that these are short digital bursts of sound. I tend to use the lfo or the cycling env to modulate the timbre parameter, which moves you thru the waveform. You can modulate the 16 waves as well for some glitchy craziness. I end up doing that with an arp, spice/dice and a short spanky envelope for some weird percussion effects
Title: Re: Pointers for WaveTables
Post by: eaman on September 14, 2019, 03:01:57 am
What I found useful, for WaveTables and the other algos, is using a scope while designing sounds. Something like . For WT you can visualize how the cycles evolve and make an idea of what might be happening in those, then adapt it to the envelope if it resembles some kind of "sample" of a sound or the LFO / C-Env if it's some kind of morphing.

I did not try with spice /dice and the sequencer, I'll have to get more comfortable about how using it for morphing sounds.

Thanks for your reply.