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Title: Random "ghost" beats??
Post by: gudardo on September 01, 2019, 03:35:46 pm

I have a problem with programming drums with spark le vst inside the cubase 9.
When I'm programming drums the spark vst I'm inserting midi sequence in Cubase using their editor.
I turn off the host button in spark software so when I'm playing song doesn't play automatically the spark paterns.
So, actually I'm using Spark as a sampler.
But, during the playback mode spark software (it's not hardware because it's doing the same thing even if the hardware is unplugged) is playing some "ghost" notes which are repeated if I play same part again.
I first thought that I had mistakenly put some notes in editor but then I realized that there's no midi  data where they appear!
How this is possible?
Does anyone had the same problem, or similar, and do know some solution for this??  ???
Title: Re: Random "ghost" beats??
Post by: artao on September 10, 2019, 10:28:40 pm
Is there possibly a delay effect inserted somewhere, within the Spark 2 software?